Deadlines and Coffee Breaks

When it comes to writing I’m at my most productive in two ways:

1)    By having a deadline (gets me writing every time)
2)    By leaving the house, going to a café and tucking myself away in a quiet corner with a vanilla latte (a good latte, preferably flavoured with caramel or vanilla is very important).

With the dog needing walking, the living room needing hoovering and the internet needing browsing, it’s very easy to get distracted working from home. A deadline gives me focus. I write content for websites such as easyJet holidays and and the deadline can often be for 9am the following day. I don’t mess about when I know I have a deadline. I knuckle down, do any relevant research, write the articles and edit them before emailing them off well before the deadline.

Self imposed deadlines don’t work as well because I know there’s no one to reprimand me if I don’t finish that blog post on time or if I fail to publish my novel by a certain date. I’m working on that though as time management and productivity is vital when you’re a freelancer.

If I really want to get a lot written in a relatively short space of time I simply leave the house and head to a local café. The Tobacco Factory Café in Southville, just a few minutes walk away, is one of my favourites, and I used to quite often walk into the centre of Bristol and settle down on one of the comfy armchairs in Starbucks on Park Street for an afternoon of writing. Music and other people’s conversations fade into the background and I can sit and write without any of the distractions at home that manage to take my attention away from the blog post or article I’m supposed to be focusing on. For me writing on a coffee break can be a very creative time.

Where and when are you at your most productive?

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