My First WIPpet Wednesday!

I’ve been enjoying Raewyn Hewitt’s WIPpet posts for a while now, and thanks to Raewyn’s Very Inspiring Blogger Award post I’ve recently discovered K.L. Schwengel’s blog where she not only shares WIPpet posts but a link to see which other writers are posting. So, I’m joining in with the fun and jumping on the WIPpet Wednesday bandwagon to share my work in progress (WIP). My WIP is my children’s fantasy novel, Time Shifters, a time travel adventure story aimed at 8 – 12 year-olds. I’m at the editing stage of Time Shifters and so figured it’s a fitting time to begin to share it.

The rules of WIPpet Wednesday are simple: post a section of your work in progress that links in some way to the date. For example, today is the 13th so as it’s my first WIPpet, I thought it would make sense to share the first 13 paragraphs of my novel, but I could have posted 13 words or 13 lines from page 13 or chapter 13… you get the idea.

I knew something bad was going to happen the second we reached the castle.

“Not holding hands with your boyfriend then, Brown?” Lizzie Andrews said, knocking into me as she traipsed past in her servant’s costume and Nike trainers.

“Danny’s my best friend, not my boyfriend and you know that,” I called after her. We walked beneath the iron teeth of Warwick Castle’s portcullis and I glanced at Danny.

“Ignore her, Maisie,” he said, as Lizzie giggled with her friends.

Emerging the other side of the gatehouse was like stepping into another world. Everyone was dressed up in medieval costumes, the whole of my class and the guides who showed us around. We gathered on the pathway next to one of the tall stone towers before being split off into smaller groups by our history teacher, Miss Chard. As usual Lizzie and her two clone-like friends were in my group. We explored the outside of the castle first, missing out on the warmth of the log fire in the Great Hall. We walked along the ramparts and climbed more than five hundred steps to the top of Guy’s Tower. Houses and trees stretched for miles in all directions, spreading away from the river and castle.

“Look at the knights, Danny!” I pointed to a crowd that had gathered on the far side of the grass.

“Huh?” he replied, removing his earphones and snapping his mobile shut.

“This place is amazing.” Leaning between stone turrets I watched two men in armour fight each other with swords.

“The stuff my Grandad told me about what happened to him in World War II was pretty cool. This is old and boring.”

“It’s called history, Danny.”

He sighed and put his mobile into his jeans pocket beneath his brown tunic. “Has it got a dungeon?”


“With prisoners chained to the walls?”

I’ve rewritten the opening chapter countless times. I started writing the novel in the third person but swiftly changed it to the first person following feedback from the MA in Creative Writing workshop group I was a part of at the time. I’d be very interested to know what you think – comments are welcome!

Right, I’m off to read some other WIPpet Wednesday posts.


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  1. As a parent with children in this age group – I read a far amount of this genre and first impressions are really good!

    It’s a great first line, but I particularly liked: “Not holding hands with your boyfriend then, Brown?” That sentence and Lizzie’s actions pull you right into the action.

    Great WIPpet – and so glad you’ve joined in!

    • Thanks Raewyn, it’s so good to read those kind of comments from someone with kids the age the novel is aimed at.

      I’ve played around a lot with this first chapter, starting it earlier when they’re on the coach going to the castle, and even opening the chapter at the scene when Maisie and Lizzie first time shift, but I’m hoping I’ve now got the balance right with just enough amount of intrigue and action.

      I’m very glad I’ve joined in too!

  2. So glad to see you’ve joined the WIPpet crowd! I look forward to reading more of your work!

  3. Thanks for joining in, Kate! I agree with Raewyn, great line. The whole piece sets things up very nicely, draws the reader in, and builds a little bit of tension to keep me wondering and wanting to see more.

  4. Hi Kate. Following your lead (again!!) I’ve posted my own ‘WIPpet Wednesday’ section from my current WIP. I must say I always enjoy your blog entries. They’re helpful and inspiring. Have a lovely WIPpet Wednesday evening! xx

  5. Hey, it’s fun to see another WIPpet from a kids’ book! I started WIPpet last week and this week posted for the first time from my children’s book. I was worried I might be the only one! Glad to have the company of another children’s writer!

  6. I love the contrast between the characters’ interests. I wonder, since the title is Time-Shifters, are they going to actually shift back in time to check out some real knights?

  7. Welcome to the WIPpet crowd! I was hooked from the get go. Warwick castle is perhaps one of the most evocative castles still standing in England and I think the fact that I’ve visited the castle also added an extra element to what is already a great beginning. :)

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