The Battle of Barnet – WIPpet Wednesday

The last few days have been draining one way or another and sitting down to write today’s WIPpet Wednesday post got me thinking how lovely it would be to be a kid again, to have no cares in the world and no responsibilities. I’d even like to be one of the characters from my children’s novel on an adventure stuck in the past (I’d love to be able to travel back in time on the condition I could get home again whenever I wanted).

In honour of the 13/03/13 – and of being a kid again – I give you a little over 13 lines from the end of Chapter 13 of Time Shifters. The year is 1471 and Maisie and Lizzie are still on the road (this time riding ponies instead of walking) tracking down Maisie’s best friend Danny who they believe is caught up with soldiers heading into battle.

Lizzie was outside already, standing with her hands on her hips looking out on the foggy morning.

“Hi,” I said, joining her.

“It said in one of Robbie’s history books that it was foggy on the morning of the battle.”

“You read one of his books?”

“There wasn’t anything else to do.”

“What time do you think it is?” I asked, straining to see anything through the fog.

“Early. I was awake just before it got light. I didn’t sleep well for some reason,” she said.

We had bread and cheese for breakfast and set off on the last part of the journey to Barnet. The road was empty and everywhere was thick with fog so we rode at a steady pace. We didn’t even realise we were going through villages until a house loomed out of the fog at the side of the road. At times I could barely see Goliath’s ears. Everywhere was quiet with just the sound of Zeus and Goliath’s hooves on the road, birds twittering in the trees and the occasional cart creaking along loaded with the farmer’s produce. I didn’t see a sign for Barnet but I figured we must be getting close when Lizzie reined in Zeus.

“Listen Maisie.”

It was the sound of men screaming.

The WIPpeteers are a friendly and encouraging bunch, so if you fancy joining us then choose an extract from your WIP that relates in some way to the date (13 words, lines or paragraphs from page 13 or chapter 13 for the 13th), publish your post, head over to K. L. Schwengel’s blog and add your link. Don’t forget to check out the other WIPpets whilst you’re there.


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  1. This is really good, Kate. I’m keen to read more to discover if they can track down Danny. I like the description of the fog and the places they’re passing through. Exciting stuff!

  2. I like the feeling of this scene. It’s almost a comfortable uncertainty. Reminds me of several road trips. :-)

    • Maisie and Lizzie are getting used to being on the road by this point… I like the way you’ve summed it up as an ‘almost comfortable uncertainty.’ :-)

  3. We’ve only seen a few small glimpses of the story so far – but even in these great suspense. I love that they have the history books for reference (especially knowing history books aren’t always accurate) – but the fog is a nice tough too – adds to the atmosphere. I am loving these WIPpets!

  4. wow, sad to think of kids having to witness an icky battle. I hope they stay safe and relatively untraumatized!

    • It’s a fine line to tread of how much ‘unsavoury stuff’ can be included in a book for kids. We had great long discussions about the battle scene in the writing workshop group I was in. The fog is a good device though to distort what’s really going on during the battle. Mind you, I used to love reading about all the icky stuff when I was a kid…

  5. Very eerie scene. I just love the fog. :)

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