Time Shifted – WIPpet Wednesday

The 20th March has ended up being problematic in choosing an extract to post for WIPpet Wednesday. Page 20 of Time Shifters only has one line on it and page 120, 200, 220 and Chapter 20 either give away too much of the story or need so much explanation and scene setting that it’d be like writing another novel. In the end I’ve chosen roughly 20 lines from the first chapter. It’s quite an easy extract to set up as Maisie is on the steps that lead to the dungeon at Warwick Castle and has just been time shifted – although she doesn’t realise this yet…

I emerged through the trap door into daylight. Earth strewn with straw and muck covered the castle courtyard and had replaced the expanse of grass where the knights had been fighting. The air was filled with new smells of wood smoke and horses. Grey clouds shadowed the castle turrets. Even the castle had changed. The main building, where the state rooms were, looked as if it had shrunk and it was plainer than before, made of the same stone as the towers on either side of the gatehouse. I hovered by the side of Caesar’s Tower unsure what to do, aware of my heart thudding against my chest. The castle had been quiet, just our class and a few other visitors wandering around. But now there were people everywhere. Soldiers were gathered on the opposite side of the castle, dressed in red tunics and padded jackets with red and white coat of arms stitched into the material. Standing in line they clasped long bows and shot arrows towards targets on the castle wall. Two huge horses, covered in the same red material, snorted as they were led across the muddy yard. The clunk of metal on metal was loud from where I stood. The glow of a fire lit up the inside of a building behind me. A boy in a dirty tunic appeared in the doorway, his arms loaded with rusty armour. His face was red, his lip curled with a scar. I turned away.

Nothing was familiar.

No signposts.

No class led by an overly enthusiastic Miss Chard.

No Danny.

Just Lizzie. She was crouched in the corner by the gatehouse, where the tented entrance to the dungeon had been but only a solid stone wall now remained.

If you like the idea of sharing your WIP then write a post that somehow corresponds to the day, add your link to the linkie that fantasy author, K. L. Schwengel hosts on her blog and have a read of the other great WIPpets whilst you’re there.

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  1. Love the set-up. Such a vivid image you’ve painted here. Good job!

    • Thanks Kathi. It helps that Warwick Castle is an inspiring place to begin with – just had to imagine how it would have been in 1471…

  2. Beautiful description – really great intro!!

  3. I love this description! So rich, but it brings a sense of emptiness at the same time.

  4. uh-oh, I hope nothing’s happened to Lizzie. She seems so cute.

  5. As always an excellent post, Kate. You set the scene brilliantly. I like how your characters are just beginning to realise they’re no longer in the 21st century. The sights, sounds and smells are well described. I’d love to read this WIP when you’re finished!

  6. Like the others I love the description, and the fact that Lizzie is already there, but huddled in the corner. If you’re going to time travel – it’s so much better to do it with a friend! I’m starting to have the same problems with choosing passages for the WIPpet too! Being creative with the choices is totally within the spirit!

    • Time travel with a friend (or in the case of Lizzie the school bully) is a must! It is tricky at times choosing a suitable extract – I might just have to start writing a new novel sometime soon…

  7. I love this transition! You can feel her confusion.

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