Day 7 – ROW80 Update

Seven days into the ROW80 challenge and it’s been a productive week and I’ve pretty much met my targets. One thing I have learnt this week (in fact I’ve known this for a while now) is that I need to be more organised with my time. I need to write a list at the beginning of the week, maybe on a Sunday after posting this update, of my aims for the coming week and break it down with the things I need to do each day and then tick them off as I go along. So that’s what I’ll try over the next seven days and let you know how it works next Sunday. In the meantime this is what I’ve achieved this week:

The Butterfly Storm: Just over a week ago I emailed the Word doc of The Butterfly Storm off to my proofreader and I got it back on Friday with the suggested amendments. Over the next two weeks I now need to go through all those amendments, write all the blurb for the front of the book, format the novel for Kindle, convert it to PDF to send back to my proofreader by the 21st for her to do a final check.

New WIP: On Monday I had no idea what I was going to start writing next, all I knew was I wanted to write a follow up book in the same genre as The Butterfly Storm (contemporary women’s fiction), which I’m publishing in June. Because I’m only at the plotting stage 250 words a day doesn’t really work as a target, so I’m going to change the goal to spending 30 minutes a day working on the idea and when I get to the point of starting to write it, I’ll then change the goal to a manageable word count. Oh, and I should say I do now have an idea and the sketchy beginnings of a plot. All I will tell you at the moment is it’s going to be set in Tanzania and Zanzibar…

Reading: OK, I have to admit I haven’t yet finished reading Susan Buchanan’s Sign of the Times, the book I started on Monday but I have at the same time been beta reading The Inheritance, a soon-to-be-published novel by my writing friend Elaine Jeremiah. So really I can argue that I’ve met my target. The next book on my list to read is Joanne Phillips’ Can’t Live Without.

Got your own goals and want to take part in this second A Round of Words in 80 Days challenge then why not join in. Otherwise click here to find out what everyone else has been up to.

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  1. Sounds like you’re doing just fine! 😀 And a BIG thankyou for the mention.

    • Thanks Elaine. As for the mention about your book you’re more than welcome. I’ve really enjoyed reading it and can’t wait to see you publish it! x

  2. difficult to set goals when thinking of a new idea – they come or they don’t – good news that you have managed the idea now for the clothes to make it real – all the best for coming week:)

    • I only realised after setting the goal how difficult it was going to be! But I’ve got the idea now and looking forward to fleshing it out. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  3. Well done on your progress, and good luck with ruminating on the next book. Sometimes these things come to you when you least expect because your subconscious has been working on it all the time.

    • Thanks Pam. I think this ideas stage of the writing process is more about thinking things through than actually getting words down – which is why I changed my goal.

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