Time Travel Messes With Your Head – WIPpet Wednesday

Today’s extract is a short and sweet 20 words from chapter 4 of Time Shifters (20 + 4 = 24) for the 24th April. Us WIPpeteers find it confusing enough what with Raewyn Hewitt publishing her WIPpet posts on a Tuesday evening (that’s going by my time in the UK) and then it being Thursday in New Zealand by the time Alana Terry and ReGi McClain post their WIPpets over in Alaska. If that messes with your head then just think how confuddling it would be to find yourself travelling through time and one minute being in 1471, the next in 1666, before winding up in 2016 when you actually think it’s 2012 – confusing, huh? Well, with that in mind feel sorry for Maisie spelling out the predicament they’re in to Lizzie after they’ve been time shifted to 1471…

“You really think we’re going to be found? It’s the fifteenth century. We’re not born for another five hundred years.”


Are you working on a WIP that you fancy sharing? Then join in by posting an extract that has some kind of connection to the date and add your link to the clever little linky over on author K L Schwengel’s blog. Happy reading!

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  1. Short and sweet but so succinct. Wow, alliteration at 5:00 a.m. my time. I definitely need more coffee! 😉

  2. Yep time travel hurts my head. (Although note how late I’m posting today 10.30ish pm so that must be actual Wednesday proper in the UK). Being lost in time must be a real downer!

    • Yes, I was wondering where you were when I was the first to post this morning! 10.30pm your time was 11.30am my time, so most definitely Wednesday. I’ve been out all day so it’s now gone 10pm (although Thursday for you…) and I’m finally catching up on everyone’s WIPpets. It’ll soon be time for Thursday’s Children!

  3. Whoa… *brain melts from time travel* And I thought my family had trouble with me being an hour and a half ahead of them!

    I love this line so much! Kind of sums up just how much trouble they’re in, doesn’t it?

    • Thanks Kate – time travel is quite something to get your head around and yeah they’re beginning to realise just what it means to be stuck in the past…

  4. Oh, I love it! Your time zone spiel at the beginning adds to the fun.

  5. Lol, my post for this week begins with me claiming I can get away with posting wippets on Thursdays because it’s still Wednesday in most of the world. Time zones are tricky for this sort of thing, aren’t they?

    Love the WIPpet, too – it’s n the kind of love you could use when people want you to sum up your story in one sentence.

  6. I’m glad you loved my short and sweet WIPpet and yes, the time zones are tricky but I love the fact we’re all scattered across the world. :-)

  7. Ok, I give up. Is the answer chocolate? (In other words, yes, my head is swirling…)

  8. I think Raewyn just pretends to live in New Zealand so she can go first…

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