Day 28 – ROW80 Update

This past week has been one of happy distractions. My Thursday’s Children post was about the importance of friends both in real life and fiction, which was inspired by lunch out with a friend who I hadn’t seen in six months on Tuesday and then a pub lunch in Cheltenham on Wednesday with a writer friend where we spent a lovely few hours talking about our writing, novel ideas and the amount of online opportunities there are these days for writers. On Friday I had another lunch out (I told you they were happy distractions) this time with my Mum before going clothes shopping, and then in the evening I had dinner out with work colleagues.

All that socialising meant time was limited this week but I did manage to work on my new WIP, although I didn’t specifically work on it for 30 minutes a day. A lot of ideas came to me while out walking Frodo and then I spent 2 hours on Thursday working further on the plot and also thinking about suitable names for the main characters.

I sent the formatted version of The Butterfly Storm back to the proofreader last weekend for a final check and I got it back a couple of days ago with the final proofreading edits and suggestions marked up, although I’ve not yet had a chance to go through them – that is a task for this coming week.

As for my ROW80 aim of reading a book a week, I’ve failed miserably. I think I’m a slow reader – well it’s the combination of that and not putting enough time aside for reading. I usually read in bed at night but by that time I’m so tired I don’t manage to stay awake long enough to read much, however, Joanne Phillips‘ novel Can’t Live Without is perfect for the end of a long day and I’ve nearly finished it!

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  1. Ah life sounds full and productive! I can’t wait to read The Butterfly Storm – am so glad it is coming together well.

  2. Thanks Raewyn – it’s getting exciting now. :-)

  3. Hi Kate. I really enjoyed your Thursday’s Children post on friendship. I think what you wrote is so true – friends are essential for us and the characters in our novels. I can sympathise with your struggle to get work done this week and also you leaving your reading until bed time when you’re really too tired – I’m just the same.

    Anyway, really looking forward to catching up with you again sometime soon. In the meantime I’ll be in contact via our bloghops I’m sure. :)

    • Yes, we’ll definitely be in touch via all the blog hops. I think I need a week away just to spend relaxing and reading. :-)

  4. wow, sounds like you’re getting really close. Good luck with The Butterfly Storm!

  5. Kate,

    Sounds like a lovely week! I haven’t been over to Thusday’s Children yet, but plan to soon.

    Wonderful news on the writing, the friendship, the ideas, and the nearly finishing! =D

    • Thank you, it was a very lovely week. Do pop over to Thursday’s Children when you get the chance, it’s great fun and naturally very inspiring. :-)

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