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I’ve been meaning to join Pinterest for a while now and I finally got round to doing so yesterday when I spent a happy hour or two setting up my account and browsing other people’s pins. I also managed to set up my own boards including one I’ve entitled ‘lovely stuff’ where I’ve pinned images that are inspirational, interesting or simply downright beautiful, and another board for The Butterfly Storm where I’ve pinned the cover of my novel and where I want to include images of places in Greece and Norfolk that feature in the novel.


A couple of months ago I interviewed my brother, Tom Frost, for my 5 Minutes With… feature. Tom’s an illustrator and print maker and when I asked him about what inspires him, the first thing he mentioned was Pinterest and I can now fully appreciate why. However, Pinterest should come with a health warning: you will lose hours of your life gazing at images of libraries and books or drooling over white sand beaches and colourful autumn scenes. But when writer’s block strikes Pinterest might just be a saviour in getting those creative juices bubbling again, whether that means looking at images of great book covers, travel destinations or cute cats. It’s definitely worth a try don’t you think?

I figured what better way to find inspiration for my new WIP, The House of Stone than by making a board featuring images of Tanzania and Zanzibar where the novel will be set. At the moment I’m still at the planning stage, jotting down plot ideas, getting to grips with the characters and figuring out exactly where in Tanzania and on Zanzibar the action will take place. When I actually start writing it though I think I’ll head over to Pinterest and take a look at my board and be inspired by the peeling blue paint of an old door in Stone Town or soak up the quiet beauty of a dhow bobbing up and down on the turquoise ocean.

Are you on Pinterest? If not is it something that interests you?

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  1. I just recently caved in and got a Pinterest myself, though I am yet to do much with it. I think I need to sit down for a good hour or so one weekend and figure out properly what I want to do with it.

    • I’ve only spent an hour or so playing around with it but I think there are lots of possibilities. I just need to make sure that I don’t waste too much time on it…

  2. Yes, I am on Pinterest and being a sucker for beautiful things, I agree, it’s a rabbithole of the highest order. And yes, I do get inspired by pictures I find there, one of these Thursday’s I might just blog about them 😉

  3. I love Pinterest. It’s so helpful for world building. Check out the Thursday’s Children board, Rhi and I started. I can add you as a pinner for it!

    • That’s a fabulously inspirational and motivational board, Kristina, and so are the rest of your boards – just lovely. I’d love to be added as a pinner for it! :-)

      • I love browsing Pinterest for visuals to inspire my writing. My last book, The Fallen Princess, was set in a land resembling 16th century Persia, so I found lots of great art and architecture images on Pinterest to help me with setting. Also, Kristina, I’d love to be added to the Thursday’s Children board as a pinner.

        • I love the sound of The Fallen Princess and what a great idea to get ideas for the setting via Pinterest – a land resembling 16th century Persia has conjured up such a lovely and exotic image in my mind.

  4. Pinterest is great for writers! I have a board where I pin all the books I read, one for each of my books, inspiration, quotes… the list goes on. I’m not addicted like I’ve known others to be, but it is definitely a good place to go to kill some time. :)

  5. I love Pinterest. Of course there are the crafts, recipes, home decor ideas, etc, that I use it for. But I love it for world building and writing inspiration as well. I also began creating boards for individual characters, and finding pictures/drawings of what I imagine they would look like, then pinning it there for inspiration.

    • That’s a great idea creating boards for characters. I’m definitely going to use it for inspiration for my novels but the possibilities are endless.

  6. I think I signed up for it once but never did anything with it. But having read your lovely post I might just take another look at it… :)

    • Do! It really didn’t take long for me to make a handful of boards, and even to just use it as an inspirational tool I think will be worth it. :-)

  7. I’m afraid to join Pinterest. I think I already spend too much time with social media, but eventually, eventually I’ll have to come hit you up for advice when I break down and join.

    • It is a fine balance to not spend the time you should be writing or doing other things on social media, but I think Pinterest will actually help with the writing side of things so hopefully it will be time well spent. Let me know when you finally break down and join. 😉

  8. Oh yes, Pinterest… I’ve been sucked in good. I have boards for all of my novels…among other things! I try to use it sparingly, but often fail in fantastic fashion!

    • As long as you fail in fantastic fashion it’s all good! I think it’s a place where I could definitely lose a few hours…

  9. I’m *such* a Pinterest junkie! 😀 But it’s a fabulous source of inspiration. And now just for writing. I’ve found amazing craft projects, recipes, new music to try and I’ve met some neat people. But mostly, I love the images that have managed to inspire entire scenes or characters. I’m looking forward to checking out your boards! :)

    • I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get round to joining up. And definitely as a source of inspiration I think it will be fabulous. Looking forward to having a good ‘ole browse of your boards too. :-)

  10. Ooh, I’m all about Pinterest; it’s my visual playground. I just followed you and can’t wait to peruse/stalk your boards!

    • I’ve just followed you too – love your boards. Story inspiration, character inspiration and writing prompts are such great ideas!

  11. For me, when I remember to use Pinterest, It’s a major time suck…as is anything on the ‘net. But I do like it for finding things, seems easier than google sometimes :)

    • I’ll have to be careful about how much time I spend on it but it does seem like a fantastic tool for finding things and for inspiration.

  12. Ooohh, I’m just now starting to figure Twitter out. Not sure I have the guts to move on to another social media. But I love the idea of pinning pictures from your stories. I love the titles of both your books, by the way. Were they hard to name, or did it just come to you?

    • The Butterfly Storm just fell into place once I’d written one of the chapters set in Greece and the title for Time Shifters made sense as soon as I wrote the first chapter, so really they did just come to me quite easily and stuck! I’ve given the working title of The House of Stone to my new WIP and I’ve not even written one word yet, so that title may not even end up fitting but I need it to be known as something other than ‘my new WIP’. :-)

  13. Ah, yes. Pinterest is near and dear to my heart. I pin stuff that inspires my writing, as well as creating storyboards for my book(s). Welcome to the Jungle, lady!

    Also, I followed you. Looking forward to seeing your pins! :-)

    • Thanks Laura! I’ve followed you too and love the look of your storyboards and the idea of your future hero and heroine boards. :-)

  14. I’m on Pinterest. I just started stalking some of your boards. :)

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