Official Launch of The Butterfly Storm!

It’s been a long time coming – nine years to be exact – to see The Butterfly Storm finally published and here it is in all its eBook glory:

That’s the plug for the book over and done with so now on with the celebration! There will be music and cake – well I’ve treated myself at least to a little cake from our local artisan bakers and I’ll have the radio playing along while I blog and tweet throughout the day – but there are prizes that you have the chance of winning.

I’ll be doing a prize draw for three Amazon gift cards (£5/$5 depending on where you live) and announcing the winners at 8pm today (BST). So, to be in with a chance of winning all you need to do are one or all of the following: buy The Butterfly Storm; sign up to follow this blog; leave a comment; tweet about The Butterfly Storm (make sure you add my twitter handle @Kactus77 into your tweet so it shows up in my mentions).

If you buy The Butterfly Storm just email me the amazon receipt to kactus (at) kate-frost (dot) co (dot) uk and I’ll add your name five times into the draw. Sign up to my blog and your name will go in three times. Leave a comment or send a tweet and I’ll add your name for each and every time you comment or tweet. My lovely blog followers will automatically have their names added to the draw.

The Butterfly Storm is ultimately a love story and one which sees its protagonist Sophie move to Greece from the UK to be with Alekos her boyfriend of just six weeks. Some may say that’s a pretty rash decision to make but it’s also pretty romantic. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve either done for someone or someone has done for you? Let me know in the comments and the most romantic story will win one of those amazon vouchers.

Thanks for dropping by – I’ll be posting updates and special posts throughout the day and I can’t wait to read your romantic stories!

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  1. Congratulations Kate! I’ve just bought my copy, yippee! X

  2. Congratulations, Kate! So excited for you and I am going to start reading your book TODAY! I know I’m going to enjoy it from the extracts I’ve read already on your blog and can’t wait for the rest of it!

    Most romantic thing ever in my life? Fittingly enough, it was related to a new boyfriend and Greece. Recently widowed, I met a Scottish chap called Gordon and rashly agreed to go on holiday to Greece with him after knowing him for only a few weeks. It was somewhere I’d always longed to go, and one of the best pieces of advice I’d been given when widowed was “Now it’s time to do something for YOU that you wouldn’t have done with your late husband”. Gordon decided ours ought to be a cycling trip, despite our destination being the very hilly Kefalonia. I only had my old university bike – a real vicar’s daughter style, a burgundy Raleigh Cameo, which worked fine in York but not ideal for hilly Greek roads. One day Gordon turned up at my house and led me out into the garden with his hands over my eyes promising a surprise. He put my hands on the handlebars of a brand new racing bike, which he’d bought for me, for our trip. It turned out to be the trip of a lifetime. We married two years later and honeymooned in Greece, a couple of days in Athens followed by sailing round the Ionian in our new, time-shared, secondhand small yacht. Eleven years later, we are still married, and our precious daughter, conceived on our summer holiday in Athens that year, is now 10. We named her Laura as a reference to a Greek laurel wreath denoting victory. :)

    • Oh my goodness Debbie that is such a beautiful and romantic story. Even more so that you’re still married and have your lovely Laura. And the fact that it all took place in Greece- well it really couldn’t be more appropriate!

      I’m so excited that you’re going to start reading The Butterfly Storm today! Thank you for all your support. Happy reading! :-)

  3. Congratulations, Kate, and lots of luck with the launch. I’m looking forward to reading your book. The taster you’ve posted looks great!

    And I love your creative ideas for the voucher competition. I can’t think of a romantic thing right now (oh, how boring, my mind is in complete work mode) but I’ll try and come back later with a tale…


    • Thank you Helen! I look forward to reading your romantic story later on today when you’ve switched off from work mode. xx

  4. I think Debbie wins hands down!!!!!! Big congratulations Katy. I’m looking forward to putting the kids to bed soon and curling up on the sofa to start reading THE book. Romantic moment, ummmmmmmmm well it’s got o be when my wonderful husband proposed. A quiet stroll on the beach at sunset on my favorite beach in Boca Grande, Florida. It was Boxing Day 2006 and I had no idea it was coming. A gorgeous sunset, a gorgeous beach and a gorgeous husband. Still think Debbie wins! Lol. Have a great launch day :-). Xxxx

    • Debbie’s story is definitely going to be the one to beat! But Jon’s proposal in Boca Grande was pretty special! I might have to post mine and Nik’s proposal story later. :-) Thanks so much Sam and get M and K tucked up in bed on time so you can start reading – can’t wait to hear what you think! xxxx

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  6. I think Debbie wins, but I’ll share mine, anyway. :)

    My story’s not a single gesture, but I think it counts… I started dating this guy when I was in my first year at university. Everything was great; he was my first serious boyfriend, terribly romantic (think home-cooked meals on Valentine’s Day, love letters every day through the campus post office, random gifts of flowers and sweets), and I was doing well in school. At Thanksgiving the next October he took me to the coffee shop where we’d had our first date, and he proposed by having a waitress bring the ring over on a tray.

    Sweet, right? But that’s not the romantic part. That stuff is easy, really.

    The problem was that over the summer I’d had to quit my job because I was suffering from a sleep disorder. Things just got worse after school started, and I lost my ability to concentrate, my memory malfunctioned constantly, and I started crying uncontrollably over nothing every day. I was eventually diagnosed with depression, but the diagnosis and treatment didn’t come until after I had to leave school. I was a mess. I had an amazing life, but my own brain was betraying me. I was a different person from the one my fiance had proposed to; a confused, lost, broken person with no goals, no direction, and no hope.

    So I told him he could leave. I gave him a free pass, no hard feelings. It would have been unfair to expect him to stick around, especially once it became clear that treatment wasn’t helping like it should have. I was in for a long fight, and he hadn’t signed up for that when he asked me to marry him.

    The biggest romantic gesture wasn’t flowers or diamonds, and it wasn’t a sweet proposal on a moonlit night. It was his crazy idea that love could overcome all of the problems, and that “in sickness or in health” started before the wedding. He stayed with me, and we married just before the next Christmas.

    It’s been ten and a half years since the wedding, and if the love notes and flowers have all but stopped, they’ve been replaced by something far deeper. Love didn’t make everything all better (a story for another time), but every day he’s stuck by me through the tears, the panic attacks, and the wanting to give up has been a romantic gesture in itself.

    It’s easy to miss that sometimes, when day-to-day life gets us down. I’m glad you asked this question. :)

    • I’m very glad I asked this question too as I’m getting to read wonderful replies like this. It’s definitely not the big romantic gestures that mean the most as your story proves. So lovely and so moving – glad you’re still going strong ten and half years down the line. :-)

    • Wow what an awesome story Kate S – your hubby sounds like a keeper!

  7. Hi Kate, just wanted to say Congratulations on your launch and I think that the cover looks fab! Have read some of the excerpts so will be downloading it over the next couple of days. Good luck with everything! :-)

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  9. Congratulations! That’s so rockin’! And your cover is amazing and lovely. Wonderful!

  10. When my husband and I were on honeymoon in Paris, we went out for a meal one evening. Whilst we were sitting outside about to eat our meal alfresco, he gave me something – a present. I opened it and it was a beautiful white gold chain with a white gold heart pendant. It was so lovely because I hadn’t been expecting anything else – we’d only just been married and he and I had been given so much already.

    That was the best example I can think of because my husband has done so much for me over the years. He’s showered me with gifts and plenty of flowers but the most important thing he’s done for me is love me – unconditionally.

  11. All right, Kate – you asked for it. Here’s my romantic story, but be careful because it’s gonna take a little while…. So… Phillip and I were in Moscow, Russia at the same time on the same day in the same cafeteria. But we didn’t know it until about a year later. Here’s what happened. We both went on mission trips to Russia and both wanted to return their as full time missionaries. So, I got in touch with a missionary agency, who put me in touch with Phillip. Phillip’s “job” was to recruit me for full time missions. We emailed back and forth for a week and he called me that weekend. Then we started talking on the phone (a lot). This was pre-Facebook, so Phillip had never seen my picture. We spent several months getting to know each other before things started to turn romantic. But know what? Phillip told me he loved me BEFORE I ever sent him my picture. It totally melted my Beauty-and-The-Beast-lover, beauty is on the inside heart. And I loved him back. Due to a strange turn of events, it took 12 months after that before we ever got to meet face to face. Phillip had the engagement ring in his pocket from the first moment he “met” me and we married six months later. Just celebrated 9 years of marriage and to let you know what a wonderful man he is…I threw up on him during two of our three deliveries. And he still buys me ice cream. :) (Ok, it’s long, but you asked for it!)

    • I did ask for it and I’m so loving reading everyone’s romantic stories (about their husbands who they’re still with no less). How wonderful for your hubby to know you were the one before he’d even met you in person. Oh, and I’m glad he still buys you ice cream too. :-)

    • That’s amazing! Melted my heart just reading about it. :)

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  13. So so excited about the launch *throws confetti* and has already run across to Amazon to buy book!!!

    So many exciting, romantic stories shared in these comments. Am feeling all warm and fuzzy… I met my hubby at a University function just before I was due to fly to Canberra for a month-long internship. Although we hit it off straight away and he said he’d call me when I got back (also before facebook, and reliable cellphones / email) – I figured it was one of those bad timing things and didn’t really expect to hear from him.

    However the day after I returned home Bruce called – where he proceeded to remember all sorts of random things we’d discussed a month earlier. After talking for hours on the phone, I felt liked I’d known him forever. Turns out after we’d met he’d gone home and written all the details down in his diary – I saw the page sometime later. 19 years, 2 kids and many, many adventures later we’re still going strong.

    • Thanks so much Raewyn for buying the book! I feel suitably covered in confetti! :-) As you missed being in the draw to win those Amazon vouchers I will include you in the draw I’m going to be doing throughout my blog tour (will email you details when I send you my guest post).

      All the stories made me feel all warm and fuzzy too. I love the fact that your husband went and wrote all the details of your first meeting down in his diary. 19 years, wow.

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