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The next two weeks are going to be all about The Butterfly Storm on my blog, although I’ll try and throw something else into the mix so you don’t get fed up of Sophie and Alekos, Leila and Despina and their exploits in Greece and north Norfolk.

Not only will I be blogging about The Butterfly Storm but some other lovely and very generous writers, authors and bloggers will be hosting me on their own blogs either through guest posts or interviews, so if you’d like to follow my blog tour and support both myself and the fabulous hosts then here’s where I’ll be stopping off at:

  • Friday 14th June: The tour kicks off with a guest post on the very talented and successful Joanne Phillips’ blog. She’s the author of bestsellers Can’t Live Without and The Family Trap.
  • Sunday 16th June: Review of The Butterfly Storm on Maryann Miller’s, It’s Not All Gravy blog.
  • Monday 17th June: Interview with fellow WIPpeteer the lovely Alana Terry, author of The Beloved Daughter and What, No Sushi?
  • Wednesday 19th June: A guest post featuring a conversation between myself and my main character, Sophie Keech, on It’s Not All Gravy.
  • Friday 21st June: A guest post on chick-lit novelist Laurey Buckland’s blog.
  • Monday 24th June: Interview with my friend and talented writer Elaine Jeremiah.
  • Tuesday 25th June: Guest post on the very lovely Raewyn Hewitt’s blog.
  • Wednesday 26th June: I’ll be visiting Jade Reyner, recently published author of Twelve Days – The Beginning.
  • Thursday 27th June: Guest Post ‘In It For the Long Haul’ on author of It Started With A Click, Estelle Wilkinson’s blog.
  • Friday 28th June: Interview with Stacie Theis on her fabulous blog, Beach Bound Books.

I hope you will join me on my blog tour as I cross the pond and visit Alana Terry, Maryann Miller and Stacie Theis of Beach Bound Books in the US; stick around in the UK with Joanne Phillips, Laurey Buckland, Elaine Jeremiah, Jade Reyner and Estelle Wilkinson; and head all the way down under to visit Raewyn Hewitt in New Zealand. Also, in July I hope to be doing a Q&A over on Off The Shelf Book Promotions with the lovely Debbie Young, author of Sell Your Books! and on the 23rd July check out a review of The Butterfly Storm on Chick Lit Plus.

In the meantime I need to stop blogging and tweeting for an hour or so to go take Frodo for a walk and grab some lunch!

The Butterfly Storm Blog Tour 2013

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