A Brand New WIP for WIPpet Wednesday!

DSC00592It’s been a week since the launch of The Butterfly Storm and what a week it has been! The only problem I’ve realised with having launched the book is that now it’s officially published it can no longer be considered a work in progress… Hum… That means I have to write something new *feels quite faint at the thought*. Of course Time Shifters can still be considered a work in progress because I’m editing it but I thought I’d give you something completely different on this hot and humid Wednesday morning.

Taking up Kathi’s challenge of writing a completely new opening for a new novel, this is the potential opening for The House of Stone. I say potential, it may change (knowing me it probably will) but there are actual words on a page. Not many I admit, but words all the same. I scribbled them down on the weekend and have fleshed them out (just a little) this morning. I’ve started writing it in the third person past tense so I’ll see how it goes (this may change) as it’s very different to The Butterfly Storm which is written in the first person present tense. But doing something different might be a good thing… I’d love to know what you think.

‘It said what?’

Poppy’s dad looked across the kitchen table at her. ‘That you need to go to Africa to find out what your aunt’s left you.’

‘It’s probably some dusty piece of African artwork,’ Poppy’s mum said, placing a tray with three mugs of coffee and a jar of biscuits on the table before pulling up a chair and sitting down.

‘I don’t get it,’ Poppy said. ‘ You, dad and Conor get left over £100,000 between you but according to the will, if I don’t physically go to Africa, I don’t get to even find out what I’ve been left?’

‘That’s about right.’ Poppy’s dad dunked a digestive in his coffee. ‘My sister was always impulsive and quirky.’

‘You say that like it’s a bad thing,’ Poppy said.

‘Not necessarily bad but you know what she was like – she got an idea about something and that was it, she was fixated on it. How do you think she ended up in Tanzania in the first place.’

‘So you think there will be a good reason she wants me to actually go to Tanzania?’

‘Well, maybe not a good reason but I’m sure there is a reason.’

‘Great, that’s helpful dad.’ Poppy took her mug of coffee and went and stood by the kitchen window. It was only four in the afternoon and it was already dark. Rain streaked the glass and drowned out the sound of Radio 4 on in the background. Poppy turned back to her parents. ‘I’m in the middle of selling our house, finalising our godforsaken divorce. How can I possibly just leave everything to go to Africa?’

That’s your lot! I have actually written three more paragraphs but I thought it was a good place to end it here.

If you’d like to join in with the WIPpet fun then either 1) write the opening of a new novel or 2) choose an extract from your current WIP that corresponds to the day (you could choose 19 words, lines or paragraphs from chapter 1, 9 or 19 for the 19th June). Then head on over to K L Schwengel’s blog and add your link to the little blue linky.

Later on today I’ll be heading over to Texas in the good ‘ole US of A for a guest post on Maryann Miller’s It’s Not All Gravy blog, where I’ll be having a conversation with Sophie Keech, my main character from The Butterfly Storm. I will post again later. In the meantime happy reading!



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  1. Wow, Kate this is great. I’m really curious to know what’s in store for Poppy in Africa. Will look forward to reading more excerpts from this story…

  2. One thing I love about Butterfly Storm is the difference in US English and British English. I have know idea what it means to dunk a digestive in coffee. But this sounds like the start of another fun travel novel (why does that not uprise me?)! You also show a little of the parents here in such a short post. Good job, and good luck with the res of the blog tour!

    • I did think when writing that bit this morning that maybe I should put ‘digestive biscuit’ to make it clear but then I figured in the UK we just say ‘digestive’ and it would sound a bit odd to add ‘biscuit’ to it! I am drawn to exotic places in my writing. :-)

  3. Great start! I’m very curious about what’s going to happen, and about Poppy’s aunt. At least Poppy doesn’t have to spend the night in a haunted house to get her inheritance. :)

  4. I think I had digestives in Ireland. If they’re what I think, I loved them. And this is a great start. Can’t wait to see where Poppy takes you! Crazy aunts. 😉

    • Yes, digestives are pretty tasty particularly the chocolate covered ones dunked in coffee. :-) Connie the crazy aunt – I think I might regret the fact that she’s already passed away before the beginning of the novel because she’s going to be quite a character that has great influence even from beyond the grave…

  5. I liked the humor between Poppy and her parents.‘Well, maybe not a good reason but I’m sure there is a reason.’ LOL, that made me chuckle. Great start! I’m intrigued :)

  6. I liked it too – perfect timing for her to run off to exotic climes and find out more about her ‘interesting’ aunt… I have so many questions already!

  7. hmmm Texas. BOO!!! Did we scare you yet?

    I have to say, reading this, I thought Poppy was younger than what she appeared at the end of the excerpt. I liked it though, definitely intriguing.

    • Thanks Adrian. Poppy’s actually in her early 30s but I can see with the set up of her being at her parents and the way they’re talking that she seemed younger.

  8. Very interesting start. I can’t wait to see where it leads and what’s waiting for Poppy in Africa.

  9. I love this. Can’t wait to read more. The setting details make it exciting to my American ears. More, please!

    • And that’s music to my ears! I’m having to post an extract of my children’s novel today because I haven’t yet written any more of The House of Stone… *note to self* must crack on with it!

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