This is a Stupid Idea – WIPpet Wednesday

DSC00667My focus this month is going to be firmly on Time Shifters so it makes sense to choose a snippet from it for today’s WIPpet. As it’s the 3rd July I’ve opted for three paragraphs from page 23 (3 + 7 + 13 = 23). This takes us nearly all the way back to the beginning of the book when Maisie found herself time shifted at Warwick Castle to 1471 along with the class bully, Lizzie. The two girls have realised that Maisie’s best friend, Danny, has been caught up with the army that has just marched out of Warwick Castle’s imposing gates and the girls set off after the soldiers.

The view I’d seen yesterday from the top of the castle lay before us unchanged. Outside the castle walls Warwick was little more than a village. The kitchen girls headed down the dirt path towards a cluster of cottages. Home for us was two hours in the other direction by coach. By coach. How long would it take to walk – days and days – and what would we find when we got there? But the Kingmaker’s army was marching in the opposite direction, past Warwick and away from our home, their armour glinting in the early morning sunshine. In every direction there was an uncluttered landscape filled with green grass and trees. No pylons, no roads, no landmarks or signposts. I stopped just a few steps from the castle gates where the path to the car park had been.

“This is a stupid idea,” Lizzie said, stopping beside me.

“Have you got a better one? Like go back inside and wait to be rescued?”

The WIPpeteers are growing and if you’d like to join in then add your link to the linky over on host K L Schwengel’s blog and have a read of all the other great WIPpets too. Talking of the WIPpeteers in last week’s WIPpet post Raewyn asked the question what my WIPpeteer outfit would be and I replied in the comments that it would be the costume I wore when I was a drama student in Aberystwyth and I played King Charles II in an all female production of Stephen Jefferys’ fabulously bawdy play, The Libertine. I did say to Raewyn that I would dig the photo out, so as promised here I am, aged about 19 in full swing as King Charles II…

King Charles II

A very suitable WIPpeteer costume, don’t you think?

On Monday the very lovely Alison Strachan interviewed me for her Moment of Truth feature so if you’ve got the time please pop on over to her blog and have a read. And as Raewyn has already mentioned, this Friday she’s kindly featuring an interview she did with me about The Butterfly Storm. Have a great week everyone.

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  1. I really enjoyed this Kate. I got a great sense of Maisie and Lizzie’s feeling of panic and disorientation because they’re not in the 21st century anymore. I would be panicked to say the least if I were them. So exciting. :)

  2. I love that ending — like what? Go back inside and wait to be rescued? Yeah, fat chance!

  3. Oh, and the costume? Sublime.

  4. That costume is absolutely fabulous! Where do I get one?

    I, too, love the last line of this WIPpet – not like they’ve really got any choice, is it?

  5. Haha, somehow I don’t see your kids as the it around and wait to be rescued types!

  6. A right minded person waits to be rescued. A character in a book is never in their right mind (or so I’d hope, because otherwise it would be dull). Lots of love for the way the excerpt ended. And two thumbs up for the costume!

    • Thanks Gloria. I love the fact that characters in books do stuff that I’d probably never do in real life… wait to be rescued? Pah!

  7. Oh yay – the photo is great – and I love the pose. Very powerful! And as for the WIPpet – I’m not sure that there’s ever a good idea when you’re stuck in time and your friend has been marched off by an army. I mean it’s not like there’s a rule book for how to get home…

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