Could Things Get Any Worse? – WIPpet Wednesday

King Charles III went AWOL last Wednesday and missed posting a WIPpet since first joining the WIPpeteers back in February, although I did manage to get round to reading some of your WIPpets. I did, however, feature on someone else’s blog last week. The very lovely Leah Symonne who was my first interviewee for my 5 Minutes With… feature wrote up a lovely post along with some Q&As about The Butterfly Storm for her new blog. Leah is a young Canadian writer who’s just graduated from high school and has a bright future ahead of her. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare then please go check her out.

I’m getting about the internet this week too with The Butterfly Storm being featured on Chick Lit Central’s Book Shelf and a 4* review appearing on Chick Lit Plus yesterday stating, ‘If you are looking for a thoroughly detailed story of relationship trials, family trials, and decisions of the heart, then The Butterfly Storm would be a perfect book.’

Now to the WIPpet! It’s getting trickier to choose an extract from Time Shifters without any plot spoilers, so I’ve opted for short and sweet this week and chosen 22 words (in honour of the Royal baby being born on the 22nd) from chapter 24 for the 24th July. It would end up being a very long post if I set up this teeny tiny extract so all I will say is it takes place in 1666.

Floating in the middle of the Thames in a sinking boat with London burning behind us things could not get any worse.


Or could they?

The final edit of Time Shifters is going well and I’m over halfway through the novel, so I may just meet my target of getting it finished by the end of this month. Then it’s on with The House of Stone. Eek! A brand new novel!

Fancy becoming a WIPpeteer? Simply share a slice of your work in progress that somehow corresponds to the date (WIPpet maths is encouraged), or write an opening of a brand new novel and add your link to the linky that K L Schwengel hosts over on her blog My Random Muse. Happy reading.

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  1. That WIPpet just put my whole week in perspective! 😉 Welcome back.

  2. Oooh I’m intrigued Kate. Being in a sinking boat – not a good idea!! I’m hoping they’ll make it in one piece. And that things don’t get too much worse for them.

  3. well it could be on fire and there could be snakes floating up from the hold and coming out to bite at all the people on the boat. Just saying =P

  4. Oh, it can ALWAYS get worse. :-) Coincidentally, I looked up the old Disney feature that explained the origins of the nursery rhyme London Bridge for my kids this week. I imagine my eldest would love Time Shifters. :-)

  5. thanks for mentioning our interview Kate! & thank you for everything you said :)
    congrats on all the success with the butterfly storm! 😀

  6. All one needs do is remember the Titanic to know things could be worse. The boat could be sinking into freezing water. There could be crocodiles in the water (to go to warmer climes)…

    It can get worse, but I’m sure it seems impossibly bad at the moment for them all.

    Good to hear the edits are coming through. And then a new manuscript to read from… just as we’re starting to get familiar with these people. Evil!

    • Ah yes, mixing it up with a new WIP… although you might get Time Shifters for a few more weeks yet. It just depends how quickly I can get going with my new novel. And things can always get worse!

  7. Congrats on the reviews and the features on both blogs! You seem to get so much done! *sighs* I’ll get there eventually :)

    • You will most definitely get there! It’s taken me nine years from first starting to write The Butterfly Storm to publishing it so hopefully I’ll get quicker in future. :-)

      • Kate you have just made me feel sooooo much better about the time it has taken to write my WIP. So many people seem to just be pumping out the words and getting novel after novel after novel out?? How do they do it?? :)

        • Glad I made you feel better, Alison. I’m definitely not someone who can turnaround a novel in super quick time. Now I’ve written two (albeit very different novels) I’m hoping my third, which I’m planning on starting this summer, won’t take quite so long. Anyway, you know what they say – it’s about quality not quantity. 😉

  8. Wow, you’re really on a roll with your marketing and edits! Way to go. Congrats on the good reviews too! All well deserved!

    • Thanks Alana. It feels like I haven’t had much time to do much at all recently and then three features/reviews come along at once!

  9. Congrats on the reviews!

    And I’m with everyone else – them being on a sinking boat could get a lot worse… and I imagine it will get a lot worse before it’s over with.

  10. Part of writing is marketing and you so have that down! Hope things are going extremely well for you.

    And you know, the instant anyone- character, author, reader, or whoever says it can’t get worse… It does. I’m cringing at what had to follow that!

  11. Wow! A well-chosen 22 words! Makes us all want more!!

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