Only One Way Out – WIPpet Wednesday

DSC00458I very nearly had nothing to give you for today’s WIPpet. I was trying all kinds of WIPpet maths to make an extract work that didn’t give too much of the plot away. In the end I’ve decided to keep it simple and have chosen 1 paragraph for the number 1 in the 31st July. Do you remember last week when I asked if things could get any worse when Maisie and Danny were stranded on a sinking boat on the Thames in 1666? Well fast forward a few chapters and this time Maisie and Lizzie are in a spot of bother in 1730.


Thud. Someone’s full weight crashed into the cottage door. Dust puffed from the sides. Lizzie backed away and I pulled her into the bedroom and closed the door. There was no lock and the only way out was through the window. I grabbed a blanket from off the bed and wrapped it around my hand before smashing the glass. There was another thud on the cottage door and the sound of wood splintering.

I’m still working my way through the final edit of Time Shifters, so there won’t be any brand new writing from The House of Stone for a little while yet. What I”m concentrating on this week though is setting up promoting The Butterfly Storm for when it’s free from the 9th to the 11th August – I’m hoping for lots of downloads!

The WIPpeteers are continuing to grow, so if you’d like to join in then post an extract of your work in progress that corresponds to the date (I could have chose 31 lines or gone with an extract from chapter 31 today for example) and then add your link to the linky hosted over on K L Schwengel’s blog. You can check out the other WIPpeteers’ offerings here.

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  1. Out of the frying pan and all that! Nicely done. Builds tension, sets the scene, makes us wonder who’s outside the door. I’m hoping Grady didn’t wander over from my site!! Hee, hee.

  2. Yeek! Nothing ever seems to be going well for these poor girls! This scene made me shiver a bit, since I actually have dreams quite often where I’m in similar situations (though usually I for whatever reason can’t break the window or escape somewhere else).

    • Those kind of dreams are never very nice and in real life (or fiction for Maisie and Lizzie) being chased/hunted is pretty scary!

  3. It seems to me that Time Shifters is shaping up to be an exciting book. I hope it’ll be out soon. :-)

  4. Great excerpt Kate. Poor Maisie and Lizzie – things just keep getting worse and worse for them don’t they? So glad I’m not in their position.

  5. Very exciting! I love how you keep upping the stakes.

  6. Thinking about the time period, I wonder if the army is looking for Danny. Or is it a pirate? Hmmm…

    Crossing my fingers for a bunch of downloads for you too!

  7. thud…

    I’m not sure I would have had the clarity to protect my hand before smashing the window! This is intense! Love it!

    • Thanks Adrian. Yeah Maisie has the clarity to protect herself and I also thought it would be better than a 12 year-old having blood streaming down her hand from smashing a window with her fist!

  8. Major kudos for remembering to wrap her hand! Too many characters try to imitate tv and that is never good. :)

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