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Autumn view TyntesfieldTime is running away with me today. I’ve spent most of my time this week submitting The Butterfly Storm to various sites to promote it when it goes free this coming Friday 9th – Sunday 11th but I just about have time to squeeze in a WIPpet. Amazingly I’ve managed to find an extract that fits in with the date and doesn’t have any major spoilers all within 5 minutes – that must be a record.

So, for today’s WIPpet we’re rewinding a fair few chapters in Time Shifters and Maisie and Lizzie are back in 1471, still without Danny, and have left an inn in the middle of the night when they realise that someone’s after them… The following 13 (shortish) paragraphs are from page 78, and the WIPpet maths behind that is quite simply that it’s the 07/08/13.

We thundered along the road lined with skeletal trees but ahead was just darkness. My heart was thumping so hard against my ribs I could barely breathe. I didn’t dare look back. They were on horses and we were on ponies and eventually they would catch us up.

“We need to hide,” I said, glancing back. The flaming torches were getting closer, flickering through the trees. “We don’t have much time.”

The wood loomed against the moonlit sky. I turned Goliath towards the trees and tightened my grip on the rope attached to Zeus. “Hold on!” I said.

Branches whipped and tore at our clothes and skin as we entered the wood. We were forced to slow down. There was no clear path and the trees were dense. We headed away from the road, deeper into the wood. The only noise was the crunch of twigs under hooves, the ponies snorting and our breathing, loud in the darkness. I twisted in the saddle. I couldn’t see anything behind us. Could we be that lucky and have lost them? No, there was the familiar orange glow flickering through the trees moving parallel to us. Did that mean they were still on the road?

Goliath stopped and I was thrown forwards but I managed to grab hold of his mane to steady myself. Lizzie’s leading rope slipped from my hand and Zeus kept moving forwards.


“I’m here, don’t worry.”

There was a splash and Zeus walked into a stream shimmering in the moonlight. Now I understood why Goliath had stopped. I kicked him but he wouldn’t budge. His hooves were planted firmly at the edge of the stream.

“Maisie!” Lizzie’s voice was high-pitched and way too loud. She was on the other side of the stream now. “I can’t stop.”

“Turn Zeus away from the stream and into a tree.”

I dismounted, grabbed Goliath’s reins and splashed into the water, gasping at the cold. I pulled at his reins but he was stubborn and still wouldn’t move. Lizzie had come to a stop; I could see the gleam of Zeus’ grey coat not far away.

“Come on Goliath,” I said, stroking his soft nose. A crack of a branch somewhere in the wood made him look up. Maybe he could smell my fear because with another tug on his reins he joined me in the stream. Lizzie’s hands were shaking as she handed me the leading rope.

“They’re coming,” I whispered.

I will get round to reading everyone’s WIPpets but it might take me a couple of days to do so. The WIPpeteers are a fabulously supportive bunch and welcome new writers. Got a WIP to share then post an extract of your novel that relates in some way to the date, or write the beginning of a brand new novel and add your link to the linky over on My Random Muse. Many thanks to the talented K L Schwengel for hosting.

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  1. Really great excerpt Kate. So exciting. I really want to read the whole thing through sometime so that I can get the whole experience. Just one thing I was a bit confused by: ‘Turn Zeus away from the stream and into a tree’ doesn’t quite make sense, but I may have misread it. :)

  2. This is great a suspenseful! I love the descriptions in where they are and how they are moving. That’s what makes it so real and for me to be able to see it all in my head. Really great wok here!

  3. Here’s to great success for Butterfly Storm!

    This is a tense moment. These poor girls. You really don’t ever let them settle down for a moment, do you? Well, you can’t deter me. I still want to read it, even if the journey will be filled with danger. 😉

  4. Excellent, moody excerpt. Lots of tension, especially the last line. Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

  5. That was an intense scene there… wow! I love the little details too about how each pony reacts differently to the stream–they become characters in the story in their own right. That’s a masterful extra. Thank you, Kate.

  6. A great scene!!! Wonderful imagery! I could feel every splash as well as the scratches from the branches. Great tension.

  7. Very intense and beautifully descriptive!

  8. I love that their ponies’ names are Zeus and Goliath. Reminds of the pug/chihuahua cross I met recently whose name was Hercules. Apparently he often thinks he’s Hercules.

    Anyway, this excerpt is great! Really tense, particularly with one pony deciding to be stubborn, and you left us hanging! Ahh! 😀

    • I met a little pug recently called Rambo! Glad you liked the excerpt and yes, I left you all hanging – I can’t give too much away. 😉

  9. That’s an incredibly tense scene.

    If I gives you moneies you’ll give me the book, yes? I wants to read it!!!

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