Famous for Being a Missing Person – WIPpet Wednesday

Facebook imageI know, I know – in last week’s WIPpet I said the extract I posted would be the last one from Time Shifters but I have nothing else to share this week and so my trusty children’s novel is seeing the light of day again. It’s not yet gone out to beta readers so I guess it can still be classed as a work in progress (just).

This week I give you a neat 11 lines from chapter 11 for the 11th September. All I really need to tell you to set this scene up is it’s 1471 and Maisie and Lizzie have found a room for the night in an inn.

“I wonder what’s happening back home?” Lizzie said. “Do you reckon the police are out looking for us?”

I sat on the bed next to her. “I guess so. We’ve been gone for four days.”

“Maybe there’ll be a facebook page dedicated to us?”

“Are you worried you’re missing out on your fifteen minutes of fame?”

“I don’t want to be famous for being a missing person.”

“But you want to be famous?”

“Don’t you?”

“Not really, no.”

So there you have it, the final installment of Time Shifters until it’s published – unless you’ve kindly offered to beta read it of course.

I will have to miss WIPpet Wednesday next week as I’m going away for a few blissful days in Norfolk with my husband and our dog, Frodo. Five days of fresh sea air, good food and no internet – I can’t wait. However, if you stop by my blog on Saturday then Elaine Jeremiah will be kicking off her blog tour for The Inheritance with a guest post. Plus if you have time tomorrow then Joanne Phillips has got lots lined up on her blog including giveaways to celebrate the launch of her cosy mystery, Murder at the Maples.

Many thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting WIPpet Wednesday. Got a WIP you’d like to share then simply choose an extract that corresponds to the date (WIPpet maths is encouraged) and add the link to your post here.

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  1. I love it. A very realistic dialog exchange with good pacing. And a valid point. There are some things you just don’t want to be famous for. Missing would be one.

  2. haha, I think that’s so cute she wants to be famous that bad. :) I think I would have felt the same as a kid

  3. Hope you enjoy a lovely break away Kate. :-)

  4. I always have too many questions about time travel (my husband is re-watching Smallville right now, and it drives me NUTS). How long you’ve been missing really depends on when you get back, doesn’t it? It’s four days to them, but they might return to the moment when they left. Or two years later. Or…

    I may overthink these things. It kept distracting me while I was reading Outlander, too. :)

    Definitely not something I’d want to be famous for, anyway!

    • You’re right Kate, time travel does raise a load of questions and it’s certainly made my head hurt at times working out the plot for this novel.

  5. I like how Maisie has no desire to be famous. For so many kids now that’s their only ambition. I have to say I’d love to be a successful author, but fame? No thanks!

  6. Enjoy your break!! I’m glad you included more of Time Shifters!

  7. lol I love it. I’ve had this conversation so many times (not the famous for being missing part, but the being famous part). Great dialogue.

  8. Nice snippet, realistic dialog. Have a great vacation!

  9. Short, sweet… I can’t tell who I’d be in that situation. Sometimes I really wanted to be famous like Lizzie, others… The possibility alone was terrifying. And even sometimes boring….

    I love that I can sympathize with both girls.

    And I love the fact that you are talking some “you time” for a get-away with your hubby and “son”. I know you’ll come back refreshed, energized… Happy with the world. (Though we’ll miss you.)

    Have lots of fun!

  10. I often joke about wanting to be a Minor Internet Celebrity, but that’s about as famous as I’d want to get, and not for being a missing person, no. The reference to the Facebook page made me giggle, for something that’s only been around ten years, it’s certainly gotten into our brains, hasn’t it?

    Enjoy your time in Norfolk! That sounds blissful!

    • Facebook has indeed got into our brains and for two 12 year-old girls it would weirdly have always been a part of their lives.

      I will most certainly enjoy our time away in Norfolk – I can’t wait!

  11. When I was younger, I thought anyone that said they didn’t want to be famous was lying. As an adult, I understand why and those other kids that said they didn’t want to be famous were wise beyond their years.

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