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Holkham BeachHello everyone! It’s good to be back and joining in with WIPpet Wednesday again. Last week’s few days of relaxation didn’t quite go to plan. We set off for Norfolk in good time on Tuesday morning only to break down halfway. Whilst driving up a hill behind slow-moving traffic a warning light came on and I suddenly felt the power drain from the car until it was like driving uphill through treacle. Fortunately we were close to a lay-by and I managed to squeeze the car in behind a lorry where, with the stink of petrol filtering into the car, I switched the engine off and thought ‘oh bugger’. Actually, I thought a lot more than that but I won’t publish my actual thoughts on this blog.

We called the AA and waited an hour for a helpful AA man to turn up, attempt to switch on the engine and say the words you really don’t want to hear when Bryabel garden viewyou’re 100 miles from home and stuck in a lay-by between Buckingham and Milton Keynes: ‘That really doesn’t sound good at all.’ In fact it was far from good. The timing belt had completely gone and we were going no-where apart from back home to Bristol. It was at this point that I had a lot more thoughts along the lines of ‘oh bugger’. Annoyed doesn’t even come close to how I was feeling when we’d so been looking forward to a few peaceful days on the north Norfolk coast.

With Frodo happily asleep on the back seat of the car, Nik and I waited another three hours for the tow-truck to arrive to take us back to Bristol. At least we got to spend some quality time together… Despite everything we did manage to get to Norfolk with my Mum and Dad towards the end of the week and had a lovely and very relaxing few days going for a walk on beautiful Holkham Beach, picking blackberries, eating delicious food, and generally chilling out and de-stressing. As for my poor car the cost of repairing it was so much we’ve ended up part-exchanging it for a brand new one which I will hopefully be picking up by the end of the week.

BlackberriesSorting out buying the new car on Monday left me with some unexpected time on my hands when I ended up waiting for Nik to finish work so we could make the final decision on the car together. With nothing else to do I got a hot chocolate and tucked myself away in a corner of a Starbucks and started writing the beginning of Time Shifters book two. So for Wednesday 25th September here are approximately 25 first draft sentences which are not necessarily the start of the book but are likely to be within the first chapter. *Warning* The following extract will go some way to giving away the ending of book one.

“Ollie that’s not a nice thing to say,” Mum said, wiping her hands on her apron. “Whether you like Lizzie or not that has nothing to do with it; she’s gone missing and no-one deserves that. Her poor parents they must be worried sick. Imagine if it was Maisie and how distraught you’d be.”

I bit my lip and hugged Benji. I realised how easily it could be me. I was certain Lizzie had time shifted just like we had at Warwick Castle three months ago. I’d made sure I hadn’t gone anywhere there’d be a risk of time shifting since – no castles or National Trust places for me. Not that it was a problem living on a farm as we rarely went anywhere on the weekends anyway.

Ollie downed his glass of orange juice and flicked his fingers in front of me. “You’re daydreaming again.” He grabbed the lead from my hand and patted Benji on the head. “Come on then.”

“Does that mean I can go to Danny’s?” I asked.

Mum sighed. “Yes, but be back by seven.”

I kissed her on the cheek and she waved me away, turning back to her frying pan of mince and tipping in a tin of tomatoes.

Grabbing my mobile I ran back out of the door, texting Danny as I went.

Coming over to yours. Be 20mins. You heard about Lizzie?

I retrieved my bike from where it leaned against the woodshed and wheeled it across the yard towards the gate. Beep went my mobile.

No. Wots she done now?

Turn on the news. She’s gone missing. Think she’s time shifted.

Many thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting WIPpet Wednesday. To read the other WIPpets or add your own you can find the linky here. Enjoy.

If you weren’t aware my good friend and fellow WIPpeteer Elaine Jeremiah launched her debut novel The Inheritance just over a week ago. I interviewed her as part of her blog tour plus she wrote a fabulous guest post for my blog all about how she became a writer. The Inheritance is available from amazon.


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  1. YAY MORE STORY! I mean… poor Lizzie. :)

  2. So sorry about your car!! What a pain!
    I’m glad there’s a book 2!! Very exciting!!!

  3. Woot! Woot! Book 2! Great little set up for Lizzie’s plot arc. I liked the contrast too of how your MC noted she hadn’t been around places where she’d time shifted, which also makes me wonder what Lizzie’s been up to, or specifically where she’s been lately. :)

  4. Uh oh! I wonder how they’ll rescue her…

    I’m sorry for your car troubles. :-( Stuff like that happened almost every year during our month-long road trips. By the time we got home, my mom always had a hilarious story to tell about it, and we kids never minded much, but I don’t think my parents ever enjoyed it at the time. A couple times we got stuck in the middle of deserts.

    • Getting stuck in the middle of a desert is a little more worrying than a lay-by! Breaking down does make for an amusing story but like your parents it’s not quite so enjoyable at the time. On the plus side I get to pick up a brand new car tomorrow. :-)

      • New car is good. :-)

        Yeah. The desert incidents weren’t MY most terrifying moments, but I think the second time might have been right up there with watching lightning strike directly outside our tent for my Dad.

  5. So glad you’re working on book 2! I finished book one over the weekend and will get you my thoughts soon!

  6. I’m sorry to hear about all your car problems – but I’m glad you were able to get it all worked out in the end :)

    That is an interesting beginning to the next book. I wonder if she did Time Shift and where she ended up at :)

  7. Car problems. Blech. I can imagine quite a few more words than “oh bugger”. hee, hee.

    Book two off to an awesome start. Just what has Lizzie been up to now?

  8. Yay, a book 2 already! I really enjoyed this excerpt; it builds up some good early tension.

    I am about halfway through reading Time Shifters and will hopefully have it back to you by the end of the week. We had a long weekend this weekend and I had grand plans of doing SO MUCH betaing for people, but then our cat escaped and was later found to have passed away, so dealing with that ended up taking precedence over pretty much everything else.

    • Oh so sorry to hear about your cat, Emily, I’m not surprised that took up so much of your time. Grand plans never stay that way for long. Will look forward to hearing your thoughts on Time Shifters later this week. x

  9. Oooh I’m intrigued. Just finished beta reading the first Time Shifters book and I’m hungry for more. Hope they find Lizzie soon, but judging from book one I reckon they will, but will it be in 2012?

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