Blood and Sand – WIPpet Wednesday

SandI haven’t done a lot of actual writing of Time Shifters – A Long Way From Home this past week but I did start to plot out the story. In many ways it’s easier to know where the story’s going with a second book of a series because there are certain things that need to happen and questions to be answered from book one. But just how those questions get answered is the tricky part.

I’ve had comments back from all my Time Shifters beta readers (thank you Elaine, Debbie, Emily, Judith, Alana and Eden) and they’ve proved to be incredibly helpful and insightful so I now can’t wait to go back through the book line by line improving it and doing a fine edit until I’m completely happy that it’s ready to first go off to the proofreader and then to be published. Having other people read your work is essential. It’s amazing what you end up missing in your own writing despite having read it for the 100th time. The pointing out of those little inconsistencies, elements of the plot that don’t quite work or fabulous suggestions that will improve a scene are the reasons why beta readers are invaluable.

Despite mainly focusing on the plot of A Long Way From Home this week I did manage to write a little bit more, enough at least to give you 19 words for the 9th October. My WIPpet maths goes: 9 + 10 (for the month of October) = 19.

Blood soaked into the sand forming large pools of red around the gladiators who were already dead or dying.


Short but not exactly sweet I will hopefully have written some more by next Wednesday. K L Schwengel hosts WIPpet Wednesday and anyone can join in at anytime. All you need to do is post an extract of your WIP that relates to the date and add your link to the linky over on My Random Muse. Simple!

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  1. Short, definitely not sweet, but vivid and powerful.

    Many sets of eyes is a wonderful thing. I usually find out I’ve been unclear about something. That’s because, of course, in my head I *know* what’s going on (or like to tell myself I do) and I forget the reader may not have the same insight. Of course, with First of Her Kind, four sets of eyes failed to catch ‘Chapter Fiveteen’. Thank goodness Create Space did.

  2. As Kathi mentioned, your imagery is very vivid. And you make us want to read more.
    I agree about the need for beta readers. Sometimes they point out gaps in logic that we miss because we’re so close to the work.

  3. Fabulous line Kate. Such an arresting image. I hope the editing of the first Time Shifters book goes well. Very much looking forward to the next! :)

    • Thank you. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the final edit of Time Shifters. Better get moving with writing the follow-up too! :-)

  4. very vivid and fantastic. The title of the post made me thing of Spartacus: blood and sand, the TV show. It’s great! lol. Yay for beta readers!! they’re the best!

    • Yes, the blood and sand title was inspired by the Spartacus TV show – not that that really works considering it’s a children’s novel I’m writing… But I agree, a great show!

  5. Great imagery in a short amount of words. :)

  6. *sniff* I don’t think I’d want to end up in ancient Rome watching Gladiators. :-( I hope the kids don’t end up having to fight. Well, maybe I do a little, since it would be an exciting conflict. Rephrase: I hope the kids don’t get hurt fighting. :-)

  7. The sands flowing red with blood… That’s quite an image.

    Oh, and I owe you another email, Kate. Marcus had more he wanted me to tell you (as in I have chicken-scratched notes to transpose). I think he has a crush on Lizzie…. he talks about her a lot.

  8. I think the problem is often that we have read our own writing 100 times, and so we think we know exactly what’s written there!

    Great extract, even if it is short. Definitely not a place I’d want to end up.

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