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Estelle WilkinsonI’m delighted that my blog is being taken over today by a fellow author, the lovely Estelle Wilkinson. Estelle was kind enough to host me on my own blog tour in the summer so I was more than happy to return the favour when she contacted me a couple of weeks ago.

Estelle is the author of It Started With A Click: The Story of an eBay Romance and both her, and her book, have been on quite a journey during this past year. But I’ll leave it up to Estelle to tell you more.

*       *       *

A big thank you to Kate for hosting me on my tour and allowing me the opportunity to talk about my new release. It is most kind and I am thoroughly grateful of your support. May I also take this opportunity to pass on my congratulations on your non-writing news! How very exciting. I look forward to seeing news in the new year of your new arrival.

A little bit of background…

I still find it quite odd being referred to as an author. Especially since my story was already there for me to work on. I fell into this publishing world quite by accident but have to admit I’m rather enjoying it. I never expected the support and camaraderie that I’m experiencing. Mostly from people I’ve never met too!

My book would not be here (as it is, revised and re-released) if it weren’t for some very honest and helpful beta readers, friends, and authors sharing their advice and experience to allow me to have the confidence to give this a shot.It Started With A Click

Ten years ago (almost to the day) I met a man through eBay. Bizarre as it sounds. I’m a hoarder and so have kept all the emails. Over the years people who heard my story told me it would make a wonderful book. Learning about self-publishing I decided to go for it. I’m very impatient by nature and rushed into things head first. I made many mistakes along the way but have taken the bold steps needed to rectify some of those errors. It Started With A Click: The Story of an eBay Romance is now reborn in its new, fictionalised version and is a much better read thanks to some hard work and great advice from others!

I’ve really enjoyed playing around with my story and filling in blanks on a mission to fictionalise it. I have felt rather proud to be told (by published authors!) that I have a very natural writing style and do it well. It’s been a bumpy journey, and I know I still won’t be able to please everyone, but I hope I’ve succeeded in creating the right mood within in the book so that people can experience the feelings and excitement as I did all those years ago.

The story is an incredible insight into Catherine and Damien growing in their knowledge and mutual attraction of each other. With Catherine narrating as the book moves on, the reader gets an insider’s view of the romance as it blossoms.

The blurb…

It’s not unusual to find romance online through internet dating – but who would ever think of finding a partner on eBay?

That possibility never occurs to Catherine, happily single and playing the field. Until she goes on eBay in search of tickets to an England rugby match and gets rather more than she was bidding for…

After winning an auction for a pair of tickets, she strikes up a friendship with their seller, Damien. Fuelled by their common interest in rugby, their relationship moves forward very quickly. The more they find out about each other, the more they appear to have in common. But having never met, and with over 200 miles between them, can this really be the start of something special?

*       *       *

Thank you Estelle for a great post (and the congratulations!), plus sharing an insight in to how you came to write and re-write It Started With A Click: The Story of an eBay Romance. I have great admiration for someone who can be so honest in putting their hands up and saying that they rushed the initial release of their book. To use feedback, both good and bad, to work on and revise a novel to make it stronger is a gutsy thing to do and one that I very much hope will pay off for Estelle.

I’ve got my copy of It Started With A Click, and if you fancy the sound of it too then it’s FREE until tomorrow, Tuesday 19th.

You can find Estelle in the following places:

Estelle Wilkinson Guest Post – It Started With A Click

2 thoughts on “Estelle Wilkinson Guest Post – It Started With A Click

  • 18th November 2013 at 3:29 pm

    I also admire Estelle’s commitment to producing the best story she could. And her story proves that eBay has everything–even men! 😉

    • 18th November 2013 at 3:48 pm

      Ha ha, yes! Who’d have thought you could get a husband via eBay. :-)


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