Finally Feeling Festive – WIPpet Wednesday

Christmas tree 2013I’m a bit later than normal publishing my WIPpet post because while there are half price sales on and Nik and I both have a few days off together (for once) we’ve been out shopping for nursery furniture, a pram and a car seat. Nik’s also been busy painting the nursery and I’ve decorated our Christmas tree so we’re beginning to feel rather festive. It is, however, far from festive for Maisie and Danny in this week’s WIPpet as towards the beginning of Time Shifters – A Long Way From Home they find themselves time-shifted to somewhere hot, noisy and a little bit dangerous. No surprises there. Confusingly these two paragraphs (for the 2 in 11/12/13) from page 11 take place before last week’s WIPpet.

I stepped up on to the bench. My heart skipped a beat as I realised what I’d done. A sea of people spread out in front of us, their attention focused on the arena in the centre. There was sand, just as I’d imagined but it wasn’t a lovely clean beach yellow. Instead, blood soaked into the sand forming large pools around the gladiators who were already dead or dying.

“The Coliseum. You imagined the Coliseum?” Danny said as we were shoved backwards by one of the Romans jumping on to our bench to get a better view of a gladiator holding his sword above the chest of one of the gladiators sprawled on the ground.

I warned you it wasn’t very festive.

The lovely K L Schwengel hosts WIPpet Wednesday and has been doing interviews with the WIPpeteers over the past couple of weeks, which are well worth checking out. If you want to join in and become a WIPpeteer yourself then post an extract of your work in progress that relates, however loosely, to the date and add it to the link here.

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  1. lol of all things to imagine! But still awesome. Gladiators rock!

  2. As always a great excerpt Kate. I don’t envy them seeing the blood on the sand. Yuk!

  3. Yeah… Sounds like Maisie could have been a bit more careful in her choices. But I get it–it’s an exciting and frequently spoken of point in history. It’d be easy to get drawn into.

    Shopping! Best wishes to you. It’s a daunting endeavor at this time of the year and that list of purchases aren’t the kind you can plan ahead by too much.

    • Yes, Maisie’s imagination ran away with her.

      I agree, shopping at this time of year can be a nightmare but we got a lot done and bought in just one day so can finally tick a few things off our list.

  4. At least you’re shopping for great nursery things (always exciting)! Glad you’re feeling festive even if poor Maisie isn’t.

    • It was so exciting buying things for the nursery! And with the Christmas tree decorated and lights up it’s definitely feeling festive in our house now.

  5. What a place to wind up! I’m not sure I’d want to be there. I get the feeling this could take a turn for the worse.

    Must be painting time. My hubby’s working on the main floor bathroom. Our tree is up but I’ve yet to decorate it. Maybe this weekend. I still have to haul everything down from the attic. Have to go all out because we’re having the in-laws for Christmas this year. *head, desk*

  6. Sooooo, I just had to go back and look for your big news FROM OCTOBER… thanks, WordPress, for not giving me updates on blogs I subscribe to. -_-

    YAY for nursery shopping! And babies! And you!

    *crawls back under rock*

  7. My son will love this part. He loves all things Greek.

  8. Hey, gladiators can be somewhat festive. They are associated with one Christmas color: red. For blood. :-)

  9. I’m with Danny. The Coliseum? REALLY!?! Count me out of that one. Blech. And aaaagh!

    How are you feeling? Got a baby bump yet? :-)

    • Yep, The Coliseum wasn’t exactly the best choice of where to time shift to.

      I’m feeling really well thanks. Just a bit tired and general pregnancy aches! I’ll be 30 weeks on Sunday so I do most definitely have a very obvious baby bump now – love it! Love watching my stomach move about even more! :-)

  10. Ooo! Blood in the sand. Gladiators. Very exciting!!!!
    Shopping for nursery furniture–awwww. That’s wonderful. So happy for you.

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