A Very Merry Christmas WIPpet Wednesday

Christmas FrodoMerry Christmas everyone! I’ve cheated this week by actually writing this post in advance because right now I’m cooking our Christmas dinner and singing along to festive songs. It’s just Nik and I this year (plus Frodo and ‘bump’ of course) and it will be our first Christmas on our own (we usually go to my Mum and Dad’s). We’ll sit down and eat about 1pm before opening our presents and then spending the rest of the day all cosy in the living room with the wood burner going, roasting chestnuts, playing board games and watching Christmas TV.

Everyone keeps telling me to make the most of one last quiet Christmas because next year will be frantic with a baby. But that’s what I’m really looking forward to, as in my mind that’s what Christmas is all about – family. I remember Christmas being such a special time when I was growing up, with my Mum, Dad, brother and I always spending the holidays with my Grandparents and uncle on their farm in Norfolk. To be able to replicate those happy times with our own son or daughter will be simply magical – however hectic it may be.

Maisie and Danny in today’s extract definitely aren’t having quite such a magical time in ancient Rome. This scene from page 25 for the 25th December takes place a little bit before this one that I posted a couple of weeks ago. Maisie and Danny have just been chased through the streets of Rome by two men and have found somewhere they hope will be safe.

The double doors were made from a rich-coloured wood and had carvings all over them. I looked closer at images of hooded riders on horseback, of battles, and characters eating from plates piled high with food. In the centre, and crossing both doors, three letters were carved into the wood:


“Danny, Maisie, Lizzie,” I said. “This is definitely the place.”

“Get the key Maisie – they can’t be far behind.”

I tipped the key into my hand from the locket round my neck. I searched the door. “Danny. There’s nowhere for a key to go. There’s no lock.”

“There’s got to be.”

“I promise you there isn’t.”

He had his back to me and was looking along the street the way we’d come. “We need to get inside, like now.”

The fabulous K L Schwengel hosts WIPpet Wednesday over on her blog, My Random Muse, so do pop over and say hello, have a read of the other diverse WIPpets or even post your own extract here.

I will get round to reading all the other WIPpets but with all this eating, drinking (non-alcoholic of course) and being merry to do, it might take me until the end of the week. In the meantime, have a very happy Christmas all my fellow WIPpeteers and blog readers and I’ll see you back here on the 1st January 2014!

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  1. Great excerpt Kate. So exciting. Will they get through the door in time? Merry Christmas to you and Nik hope you’ve had a lovely day. We’ve had a great time with Ian’s family over in Filton. Speak to you soon.x

    • Thanks Elaine. Merry Christmas to you too and I’m glad you and Ian had a great day. We’ve had a lovely and relaxing day at home doing just what we fancied – bliss. xx

  2. Your Christmas sounds wonderful! Ours was full of nerf guns, air hockey and furby booms (who knew they don’t have an off switch or a volume control… much like our little darlings). But great fun none-the-less.

    Great exerpt too. LOL – let me guess there’s a nifty little swipe card somewhere?!

    • It was a pretty wonderful Christmas thanks, although yours definitely sounds like great fun! I’m looking forward to the excitment of next Christmas with a little baby. :-)

      A nifty little swipe card… I missed a trick there!

  3. My Christmas day was spent decorating for this coming Saturday in which horror ensues…er…I mean…in which the in-laws descend. Usually we go there. This year the hubby decided they should come here. *sigh* When my family gets together it is hard to get a word in edgewise. We’re all chattering, joking, having fun. When hubby’s family gets together you can hear the fork scratch the plate. Occasionally, someone will say something, someone else will answer with, “okay” and a nod of the head. Good times! *note sarcasm*

    • Then blah blah blah…sorry! Got to complaining and forgot to comment on your WIPpet! I love that these guys are always one step away from disaster. They have a key, there must be a keyhole! Love the tension building here.

    • It’s already Saturday morning in the UK, which means horror/your in-laws must be about to descend. I feel very lucky that my in-laws are lovely and are certainly very chatty – even if it is all in Greek! Good luck!

  4. Ah! Open the door! Open the door! Open the door! Whatever is coming, get away! :-) This excerpt is lots of fun. :-)

    Merry Second Day of Christmas! :-)

  5. I wanna see what’s coming, and I’m wondering if the key actually goes to this door!

    Exciting and suspenseful snippet! =)

    Our Christmas was a lot less about things than being together this year. Lise (9.5 years, almost), wanted a tree, but no one else especially did, so I took her to pick out her own tabletop tree and some decorations for it. She used some of our other ornaments, and it was perfect in front of the living room window.

    She and Miah (12) wanted 3DSes, and found a great deal on Black Friday. They had them early in the month. We went on an overnight expedition for the smaller stuff.

    Neither kid is much on Christmas surprises. They even let me know what they’d like in their stockings.

    So Christmas wasn’t a gift-opening bonanza here. Instead, there was food people wanted to eat and time together. I watched some Enterprise with everyone I love, we talked and snuggled, and the kids went to sleep early, giving Jim and I some time together. I got to edit some photos and make two blog posts…

    May all your Christmases fill your soul!

    • That sounds like a blissful Christmas simply spending time together – it should be about family rather than ‘stuff’. Although it was a quiet Christmas for just Nik and I this year, we did get to Skype with family in Greece and Wales which was lovely.

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