Happy New Year WIPpet Wednesday!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous New Year’s Eve kissing goodbye to 2013 and welcoming in 2014.  We had a quiet one at home and I just about managed to stay awake until midnight.

I usually find the eve of a new year quite odd – there’s this big build up all for a second to pass and take us into the next year. Last New Year’s Eve I couldn’t wait to say goodbye to 2012, which had proved to be one of the most difficult twelve months of my life. When the clock struck midnight and 2012 turned into 2013 I was hopeful that it would be a better year and although the beginning couple of months were challenging, so very disappointing and echoed of history repeating itself, by June the hope I’d had on New Year’s Eve was beginning to turn into reality. Not only did I launch my debut novel on the 12th June, but a week later I found out I was pregnant. The two things I’d wanted for so long had happened at the same time.

A new year often focuses on new starts, whether that’s making new year’s resolutions or making plans about what you’re going to do that year. For me 2014 is all about becoming a mum first and foremost, but I also aim to publish my second novel by the end of the year and, time allowing, finish writing a first draft of the second book in the Time Shifters trilogy.

It’s a new beginning too for Maisie and co. in Time Shifters – A Long Way From Home. In this extract for the 01/01/14 I give you one paragraph in which a new character has joined in with the adventure. Remember that curly blonde-haired boy from a couple of weeks back who had confronted Maisie and Danny with a sword? Well, quite a bit has happened since then and Edward has managed to get time-shifted with Maisie to Roman Britain.

Edward clamped his hand over my mouth and pulled me towards the trees. There was a rhythmic clomp of horses’ hooves and the creak of cart wheels. We huddled down into the undergrowth and Edward unsheathed his sword.

WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by K L Schwengel over on My Random Muse. If you’re interested you can also read the last WIPterview of the year that she did with me here. If you’d like to join in and become a WIPpeteer yourself then simply post an extract of your work in progress that corresponds in some way to the date (for example one paragraph for the 1st January, although you can be more creative than that), and add you link to this linky.

All that’s left to say is Happy New Year and I hope that 2014 proves to be a happy, healthy and successful year for all of us.

What are your plans, writing or otherwise, for 2014? 

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  1. Oh this is intriguing! Will they be discovered? And a sword. Sounds like they’re gonna need to defend themselves. Happy New Year to you, Nik and bump. :)

  2. I totally get your ambivalence about the concept of “New Year”s, Kate. All this build-up, but it’s less the moment than the progression… And though 2012 gave you a lot of hardships, it also gave you the dream of something better.

    I keep thinking about the wonderful experience you are soon going to have. So many many hugs to you. Happy New family…

  3. Sword first, questions later? I like this Edward. he’s going to cause/get in so much trouble.

    It sounds like 2014 is going to be awesome for you. I hope it exceeds all your expectations.

    My plans for this year are sell a short story and I’d like to lose some weight, though I’m aiming to do that by just living healthier. Standard stuff.

    • Yes, definitely sword first, questions later – more fun that way.

      I’m really excited about 2014 and I hope your plans work out for you. Living healthier is always the best way to go. :-)

  4. Ooh, intriguing! I missed Edward’s WIPpet debut, but it looks like he’s looking out for Maisie, which is always a good thing.

  5. Happy New Year, Kate! I’m glad to see 2013 go. I’m hoping 2014 is wonderful.
    I liked the ramped up tension in this WIPpet!

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