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Dangerous extractThe festivities are over, the decorations are packed away for another year and life is back to normal. For people who had the whole two weeks off over Christmas and New Year I can imagine that this first week back at work is pretty miserable, particularly considering the wet and windy weather that’s been battering most of the UK recently. I’ve always tended to have jobs that have meant I’ve had to work during the festive season and often on the main holiday days. Although I worked the weekends over the past two weeks, I did get to enjoy a work-free Christmas and New Year for the first time in eight years.

It actually feels quite good to be back to normal and not overindulging. I have renewed vigor to get writing, not least because with only a third of A Long Way From Home written I’m already finding it increasingly difficult to find an extract without too many spoilers for WIPpet Wednesday. With that in mind I’ve opted for just one paragraph from chapter eight for the 08/01/14. The trouble with a novel that involves time-travel is that unless you read it from the beginning it’s very difficult to make sense of it, however much you explain it. All I will say is this WIPpet is set in ancient Rome and involves another new character called Lucia who’s talking to Maisie and Danny.

With her dagger Lucia ripped the cloth covering the opening in the side of the coach. โ€œYou need to go somewhere unexpected, dangerous even, but a time where youโ€™ve got somewhere safe you can hide or a friend that can help you.โ€

WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by K L Schwengel over on My Random Muse. To join in the rules are simple – post an extract here that corresponds with the date or use ingenious WIPpet maths to make it work. There are always some interesting and diverse WIPpets posted each week if you fancy a good read.

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  1. Hopping over from Facebook. Inormally avoid Wednesday posts cause they’re usually WordLess Wednesday. This seesms cool though, although I don’t fully understand it yet.h

    • Thanks Astrid for stopping by. Yes, far from being Wordless Wednesday, WIPpet Wednesday is all about sharing an extract of your work in progress. :-)

  2. Lucia sounds very intriguing! And resourceful!

  3. It’s only a paragraph but boy is it exciting. And intriguing as Linda says. Glad you got to spend time at home this Christmas. I expect you needed it with baby on the way. :)

    • I’m really pleased you found it exciting and intriguing. Christmas at home was lovely and now I’m really looking forward to starting maternity leave on Monday! :-)

  4. I love the holidays – and the return to routine when they’re over! I’m glad you had some good time off though. Very intriguing little WIPpet, I’m assuming someone is chasing them through time… so much fun (for the reader)!

    • You’re right about them being chased through time, although it’s not much fun for Maisie and Danny… The time off was lovely, it just went too quickly, although it is good to get back to some kind of normality.

  5. Hmm… A time with a friend they haven’t met yet? Or at least I’m assuming so, since Lucia says it’s unexpected. Or maybe they’ve been there but their last trip was on the rough side? Nice tease, Kate!:-)

  6. Welcome back from the holidays! I, too, indulged. Or rather, overindulged, and now I’m behaving myself. :-)

    Lucia seems like a lovely and determined lass. Whatever is she up to …. ?

  7. I don’t know if you’ve seen Spartacus (the tv show)…but I’m serious imagining Lucia as Lucy Lawless from Spartacus….=P

    Interesting concept you’ve introduced. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

    • I have seen Spartacus and I like the idea that Lucia conjured up the idea of Lucy Lawless for you. Thought she was fabulous in it!

  8. Ooh, how dramatic! ๐Ÿ˜€ And those sound like some complicated criteria to follow.

  9. Ah, short and powerful. Whatever is Lucia up to? Nice to have helpful friends, though…

    I like the time off that comes over the holidays, but the over-indulgence did me in. Bad, Kathi. Bad. *sigh*

  10. Great snippet Kate! Looking forward to seeing you soon! :-)

  11. Sounds a bit like Lucia is a mentor for Maisie and Danny at this point. Good thing… They keep finding themselves in fixes that it would be nice to have a mentor for. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s nice to hear that you finally got a day to enjoy Christmas without work. Or was it your choice of shifts the prior years? (I know some people choose to work holidays because those days often pay overtime.)

    • I thought Maisie and Danny needed a bit of help and it’s fun introducing a new character.

      It was so lovely to not have to work over Christmas. It was never my choice to work shifts over the main holiday days, they just came with the job unfortunately. That’s all over with now though. :-)

  12. Sounds like this is perhaps going to be even more exciting as book 1! Happy New Year to you!

  13. Looks like Lucia is friend, no foe. I bet they can use as many of those as they can get.

    Even without spoilers, I can often find it hard to select the “right” bit for my WIPpet. It must be very hard for you indeed with extra road blocks. Good luck finding a good one for next week.

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