Maisie, What Have You Done? – WIPpet Wednesday

ButtStorm700x700CenteredI don’t think I’ll ever manage to post an extract from A Long Way From Home which doesn’t find Maisie and co. in some kind of trouble. Today’s WIPpet is no exception and a bit of a tease because it’s rather short. Maisie is with Edward, a new friend, and they’re in a villa in Roman Britain trying to find Lizzie. I’ve been creative with my WIPpet maths and I give you one paragraph from chapter 12. The one paragraph for it being the first month of the year, and chapter 12 because 1+5+1+1+4=12 for the 15/01/14.


Edward practically rugby tackled me to the ground. “Now you’ve done it.” He grabbed my hand, pulled me to my feet and started running along the hallway back the way we’d come.


My main focus this week is actually on The Butterfly Storm because I thought I’d give a KDP free promotion another go. I was blown away by the results I had last August and I’m hoping for the same again this time – although I’m not holding my breath. My promotion runs for 5 days from today until Sunday 19th. So, if you’ve not got a copy and fancy a free read then please download it (or tell your friends about it if you think they’ll like it). Any tweets or shares on Facebook will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Back to WIPpet Wednesday… Along with some tetchy flying monkeys, the very welcoming K L Schwengel hosts WIPpet Wednesday over on her blog, My Random Muse. Get creative with your maths and choose an extract of your work in progress that has a link in some way to the date and post it here if you’d like to join in. Happy writing and reading.


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  1. I always love a running scene. Guess that’s why I’m a fan of Doctor Who too. They’re always running for their lives.

  2. I wonder what they’re running from/to. This feels like the middle of something exciting.

    And now I have a sad…your book looks really good, but my Kindle won’t let me get it because I’m in the US. :(

  3. Squee! Nevermind…found it on Amazon US. Yay! Hm…I may be kind of busy today.

  4. Excellent excerpt as always Kate. So exciting. (and yes I’m aware that I’m repeating the ‘ex’ sound. Not really deliberate!!) :) Please let me know how you get on with your free promo. As I think I mentioned to you, I’m not sure I’m going to do another,but I’d be really interested to see how you do. :)

  5. I love the fact that Edward is dragging her off somewhere. These teasers are great!

  6. Now what has she done?!!? Yes, I second that? What kind of trouble is lurking? Great tension builder.

  7. I hope your free downloads go great!! I’ll go post about it now!

  8. Aw, Kate, you’re listed as #1, #2, and #3 in!!

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Literary Fiction > Sagas
    #2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Literary Fiction > Romance
    #3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary Fiction > Literary

    • *big grin* Not as many downloads so far as last time but moving on up the charts in the US and UK. Now #1 in Literary Fiction Romance too. :-)

  9. Oh, no! Maisieeee! Can’t you keep yourself pout of trouble for a few minutes? What have you done now?

  10. The words “rugby tackle” give a great image. :) Trouble makes for great WIPpets.

  11. A friendly “rugby tackle”… hmm, good thing Maisie’s a pretty tough cookie.

    Been passing the link to The Butterfly Storm along to readers who might be interested… Nice to see those numbers rising.

  12. I don’t mind that they’re always in trouble! That’s what makes for a good story! 😛

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