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Swollen feetI’ve been putting my poor swollen feet up this week but instead of being idle I took the opportunity to catch up on emails and lots of blog posts that I’d missed. Elaine Jeremiah interviewed debut indie author, Chloe Corin on her blog, while queen of the WIPpeteers, K L Schwengel continued her fabulous WIPterviews with Ruth Nestvold and Adrian J. Smith. Jade Reyner wrote an interesting post asking the question ‘Should we speculate to accumulate?‘ and Joanne Phillips shared news on her blog about a brand new service from Kim Nash helping authors market their book. Last but not least I loved L. Marie’s ‘If I lived in Middle-Earth…’ post – go check it out and decide who you’d be: hobbit, wizard, human, dwarf or elf?

In recent weeks I’ve been jumping around all over the place trying to find suitable extracts from my WIP for WIPpet Wednesday and today is no exception. This scene takes place much earlier on in A Long Way From Home than recent WIPpets but it’s one that I’m happy to share and the WIPpet maths works out nicely. So for the 22/01/14 I give you 22 sentences from page 22. Simple. Maisie and Danny are in ancient Rome after time-shifting from Danny’s bedroom (they initially ended up in the Coliseum watching Gladiators fight). They’re trying to find somewhere safe when this happens…

“Which way do you think we need to go?” Streets on either side of the Forum bustled with people. I glanced to the left and caught the eye of a man watching us. I turned away but there was something about him. I looked back but he’d disappeared, probably into the crowd of people that streamed between the square and the street.

“That was odd.”

“What was?” Danny turned to me.

“Nothing. Probably just my imagination.” I scanned the mass of people behind us in the square. There he was again. A big-built man wearing a loose toga, no different to the majority of people we’d seen so far. Except this man’s head was shaved and as he turned to say something to another man I noticed what looked like a tattoo on the side of his neck. Much like the one I’d half seen on the rider who’d tried to capture us on London Bridge in 1730.

I grabbed Danny’s arm. “I’m not imagining things. We’re being followed.”

“Seriously? You’re sounding just like a paranoid Lizzie in 1730.”

“Yeah but Lizzie wasn’t being paranoid, was she.” I looked back to where I’d seen the two men but they’d disappeared again. “We need to keep moving.”

Ancient Rome really hasn’t been much fun for Maisie and Danny so far…

Anyone can join in with WIPpet Wednesday. All you need to do is choose an extract from your WIP that has a connection to the date and add your link here. Many thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting!

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  1. Ooooh, another time traveler who is tailing them? Awesome! And an appropriately worrisome type, it sounds like.

  2. I was just thinking what Kathi mentioned!! Another time traveler. The stakes are raised!!!!
    You’re in your last trimester right?

    • Thanks Linda, there’s definitely going to be more at stake in book two. And yes, I’m in my third trimester with just under 5 weeks to go now until my due date!

  3. Great excerpt as always, so exciting. And thanks for the mention BTW. I must get round to reading more of those interviews. :)

  4. I love those people who just give you the bad feeling – and then the tatoo gave me really bad juju. Good stake raising. I can’t wait until this story is published.

    And bless your poor swollen ankles. They won’t be like this forever!

    • Thanks Raewyn, book two’s been fun to write and I think there will be plenty of characters who give Maisie and co a bad feeling.

      I’ve been lucky in the fact that my ankles have only been swollen this past week or two – I just simply have to relax and put my feet up more! :-)

  5. I think I’m really going to enjoy all the ancient settings (my son will too, I’m sure!) Your poor, poor feet! Hoping you get some great rest.

  6. Better to be safe than sorry, Danny!

    I’m really excited for Book 2! Let me know when you need beta readers again! 😀

  7. Ooh, exciting! I wonder who the mystery person following them is.

  8. Great excerpt with really good tension!

    Hope the swelling goes down soon. That must be such a drag. :( Especially at this stage, when it’s better for you to get some walking in, argh!

    • Thanks Ruth.

      Even with swollen feet I’m still walking as I’ve got to take the dog out! I’m just making sure I’m putting my feet up as much as possible in-between doing things.

  9. Ick on the swelling. I escaped most of that in my pregnancy, but I know people who suffered it and it cannot be pleasant.

    I love the tension in this piece of your present Time Shifters. You’d think that someone who is going to be following them around wouldn’t have a mark that was so…. recognizable?

    • Thanks Eden, putting my feet up and using an ice-pack on my ankles is helping!

      There is a reason behind the tattoo, but yes, it is recognisable, which certainly helps out Maisie.

  10. Kate,

    I’m sorry your feet are swollen, but happy that you’ve got good reading material – and those seriously cute shoes! =)

    Your snippet had my mind picturing a Temporal Cold War and hearing T’Pol repeating “The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible”…

    Oh, is that just me? =)

    I’m intrigued by these tattooed men your characters keep finding. Is it the same guy? Is there a secret society – time travelers, or time-travel aware? Unhappy coincidence? Something completely different?


    • My lovely comfortable and cute slippers are helping my feet, thank you!

      So many questions about the tattooed men that to answer would spoil the plot and to be fair is quite complicated to explain! I’m pleased they’ve intrigued you though.

  11. You know it’s agonizing waiting for you to publish this, right? So, I guess, the description of the tattoo is somewhere in 1730. I’m very intrigued by this subplot. (Or is it part of the main plot?)

    • No problem, just have to finish writing this book and then publish the first book… It is part of the main plot but details about the tattooed men (and women) are only revealed slowly over the course of the trilogy.

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