Welcome to the World, Leo – WIPpet Special

Leo instigram close upIt’s been more than four months since I last wrote a post for this blog. It seems like a lifetime ago because on the 27th February Nik and I welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Leonidas (Leo for short), into the world. If someone had told me this time last year that in less than twelve months we’d have our long-awaited baby I wouldn’t have believed them. But miracles do happen and our little miracle is having a cuddle with me at the moment.

Leo will be 16 weeks-old tomorrow and the time seems to have flown by. The last four months have been hard work but absolutely magical at the same time. I lost count (by about day two) of how many dirty nappies I’ve changed and I spend most of my time feeding him, but it’s an absolute joy after wanting to be able to do these things for so long. What’s even more exciting is how interactive he now is and how interested he is in us and the world around him. And as for those smiles… just lush.

Car seat smiles instigram

So, my blog has been abandoned for quite a while and I won’t be posting regularly for the foreseeable future (although hopefully I will manage to do occasional posts including another one this week after being invited to take part in Debbie Young’s The Writing Retreat Blog Hop). Instead I want to spend what time I have available (usually when feeding Leo) to continue writing book two of The Time-Shift Trilogy. Which, as today happens to be Wednesday, brings me neatly on to today’s WIPet – admittedly a short extract but it is new stuff from the middle of book two. My WIPpet maths is simple: 1+8 = 9 sentences for the 18th June. This snippet sees Maisie in 1940s London contemplating time-shifting and the adventure she’s had so far.

The four of us fell silent. I scratched the groves of the wooden table with my fingernail. This time-shifting was getting way too complicated. As soon as we’d found one person, someone else would go missing. Wherever we’d been since time-shifting from Danny’s room we’d managed to put other people in danger and it was all my fault. We’d been chased in ancient Rome, nearly caught by Hunters in 1481 and attacked in Roman Chedworth. My heart skipped a beat. “We’re not even safe here. I mean, if Hunters managed to track me and Danny down in Rome and in 1481 Towcester, then they’re going to find us here too.”

By the way it’s good to be back and joining in with WIPpet Wednesday again. I’ve missed you guys. A big thanks as always to K L Schwengel for hosting. If you fancy reading or joining in with the WIPpeteers then click here.

I’ll get round to reading everyone’s WIPpet posts at some point today but that’ll have to be in-between Leo and I heading off to Bristol Zoo on this beautiful sunny morning for a picnic with a couple of friends and their babies. Have a great day everyone!




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  1. What a gorgeous little boy you have, Kate – have fun at the zoo! You’ve definitely got your priorities right – but I’m looking forward to reading your blog hop post too!

  2. Welcome back! And welcome to Leo as well. I can see how that bright smile just fills up your days. Hope you have a great day at the zoo. 😀

    Nice snippet, summarizing in a non-hit-over-the-head way while also building a bit of tension.

    • Thanks Kathi it’s good to be back, although I’ll have to write some more before being able to join in again… The zoo was great fun. :-)

  3. Welcome back! And Leo is adorable!!!!!!
    Love how you summarized the story events.

  4. welcome back!! Leo is cute. Flat out cute. =P Congrats!

    Great excerpt. Like Kathi said, good summary without being too much telling.

  5. Great excerpt Kate. I feel for Maisie that she’s thinking is all her fault, but I’m sure it’s a lot more complicated than that!

    Gorgeous pics of Leo. Glad things are going so well for you. Hopefully I’ll get to see him again soon. :)

  6. What a gorgeous little boy! He’s absolutely wonderful. Congratulations!

    Great excerpt. Definitely some good tension there, wondering when the Hunters are going to show up next.

  7. Yay, Kate’s back! 😀 And your little boy is gorgeous!

    Clearly the tension is mounting for Maisie and co. I’m looking forward to more Time Shifters! 😀

  8. Welcome to the world, Leo, and welcome back , Kate!

    I remember those days that filled up with changing and feeding and toothless grins. Consuming, but so soon gone. I blinked a time or two, and now they’re about to be 10 and 13!

    This was a great, tense little WIPpet. I like the way you wove in some backstory that actually fed the momentum.

    I know it can be tricky to write with a very little one. I’ll be thrilled any time you make it, and I’ll be hoping your soaking up the Leo-goodness when you don’t!

  9. He is so stinking cute! So glad to see you back on your blog!! (even if it’s just every once in a while…)

  10. Hello Kate. Leo is adorable. To fit blogging and writing in with being a mum is an incredible achievement.

    • Thanks Caz. I’m just making the most of the time while we’re breastfeeding at the moment as he takes so long I thought I’d use the time wisely and do some writing!

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