A Man With a Tattoo – WIPpet Wednesday

Swollen feetI’ve been putting my poor swollen feet up this week but instead of being idle I took the opportunity to catch up on emails and lots of blog posts that I’d missed. Elaine Jeremiah interviewed debut indie author, Chloe Corin on her blog, while queen of the WIPpeteers, K L Schwengel continued her fabulous WIPterviews with Ruth Nestvold and Adrian J. Smith. Jade Reyner wrote an interesting post asking the question ‘Should we speculate to accumulate?‘ and Joanne Phillips shared news on her blog about a brand new service from Kim Nash helping authors market their book. Last but not least I loved L. Marie’s ‘If I lived in Middle-Earth…’ post – go check it out and decide who you’d be: hobbit, wizard, human, dwarf or elf?

In recent weeks I’ve been jumping around all over the place trying to find suitable extracts from my WIP for WIPpet Wednesday and today is no exception. This scene takes place much earlier on in A Long Way From Home than recent WIPpets but it’s one that I’m happy to share and the WIPpet maths works out nicely. So for the 22/01/14 I give you 22 sentences from page 22. Simple. Maisie and Danny are in ancient Rome after time-shifting from Danny’s bedroom (they initially ended up in the Coliseum watching Gladiators fight). They’re trying to find somewhere safe when this happens…

“Which way do you think we need to go?” Streets on either side of the Forum bustled with people. I glanced to the left and caught the eye of a man watching us. I turned away but there was something about him. I looked back but he’d disappeared, probably into the crowd of people that streamed between the square and the street.

“That was odd.”

“What was?” Danny turned to me.

“Nothing. Probably just my imagination.” I scanned the mass of people behind us in the square. There he was again. A big-built man wearing a loose toga, no different to the majority of people we’d seen so far. Except this man’s head was shaved and as he turned to say something to another man I noticed what looked like a tattoo on the side of his neck. Much like the one I’d half seen on the rider who’d tried to capture us on London Bridge in 1730.

I grabbed Danny’s arm. “I’m not imagining things. We’re being followed.”

“Seriously? You’re sounding just like a paranoid Lizzie in 1730.”

“Yeah but Lizzie wasn’t being paranoid, was she.” I looked back to where I’d seen the two men but they’d disappeared again. “We need to keep moving.”

Ancient Rome really hasn’t been much fun for Maisie and Danny so far…

Anyone can join in with WIPpet Wednesday. All you need to do is choose an extract from your WIP that has a connection to the date and add your link here. Many thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting!

Blog Tour Stop #9 – Beach Bound Books

ButtStormBlogTourIt’s the final day of my blog tour and it ends in the US – San Diego to be precise with an interview that Stacie Theis did with me for her super site Beach Bound Books. So that’s it, two weeks of lovely and welcoming blog hosts posting my guest posts, interviewing me and sharing extracts of The Butterfly Storm with their readers. But although all good things have to come to an end, The Butterfly Storm will still be a topic of conversation on Monday when Alison Strachan features me on her blog for her Moment of Truth slot, and then next Friday I’ll be back in New Zealand with Raewyn Hewitt answering some fabulous questions.

Talking about Raewyn’s blog if you’ve got a few minutes to spare over the weekend then she’s done a great interview with Alana Terry about the inspiration and stories behind her beautiful and moving novel, The Beloved Daughter. And if you fancy an entertaining read with a sassy heroine then look no further than Joanne Phillips’ Can’t Live Without, which is FREE this weekend!

With the blog tour over there’s only one thing left to do besides thank all my blog tour hosts and all of you who have bought The Butterfly Storm and that’s to announce the two winners of my amazon voucher giveaway, which I will do on Sunday. Until then have a lovely weekend and enjoy the tennis. Go Murray!

Blog Tour Stop #8 – Estelle Wilkinson

ButtStormBlogTourThis evening my The Butterfly Storm blog tour host is Estelle Wilkinson, author of It Started With a Click: A Memoir of an eBay Romance. Estelle has been doing very well for herself since publishing her book and is hard at work writing a follow-up to it. My guest post for Estelle, In It for the Long Haul, is all about my journey from 7 year-old wannabe writer to 36 year-old published author and the qualities you may need to get there… enjoy.

Right, back to ‘Today at Wimbledon’ now. If you’ve got five minutes to spare tomorrow then please pop back and have a read of an interview I’ve done with author Jade Reyner where we’ll be discussing her racy thriller Twelve Days – The Beginning and just what book she’d take to a desert island.

Blog Tour Stop #7 – Jade Reyner

ButtStormBlogTourIt’s a whirlwind of a week for blog tour stops with one each day and today is the turn of author Jade Reyner who has very kindly posted an extract of The Butterfly Storm over on her blog. I was introduced to Jade through Elaine Jeremiah and the three of us, as we all live reasonably close, met up for a coffee and a natter a few weeks back.

Jade’s debut novel is called Twelve Days – The Beginning and she’s currently hard at work on the follow-up, Twelve Days – The Future. If you’re able to visit my blog this Friday I’ll be doing an interview with Jade for my 5 Minutes With… feature.

So, if you have a few minutes then please stop by Jade’s blog to read a snippet of The Butterfly Storm and if you fancy reading an extract from something completely different then my children’s novel, Time Shifters featured again in my WIPpet Wednesday post.

Blog Tour Stop #6 – Raewyn Hewitt

ButtStormBlogTourI’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. There’s something so magical about the country that gave us all that incredible cinematography in the Lord of the Rings movies – majestic snow capped mountains, windswept beaches, great lakes, glaciers, fjords and beautiful open plains that stretch for miles. It was one of the places we considered going to on our honeymoon. We wanted to tour the two islands in a camper van but we would have needed at least three weeks to do it justice. Instead we spent two weeks in Tanzania and Zanzibar. No regrets there but New Zealand is still high on our list of places to visit.

Why am I banging on about New Zealand, you may well ask? Well today I’m taking a virtual trip down under to the wonderful Raewyn Hewitt’s blog where I’m her debut guest-blogger talking all about the freedom of self-publishing. Not only am I very jealous of Raewyn living in New Zealand (although the icy winds coming right of the antarctic at the moment don’t sound like much fun), she’s also writing a fantasy called The Fall of the Kings and if you want to get a taste of what’s to come when she publishes it then have a read of some of her WIPpet Wednesday posts. Talking of which I’d better find something suitable to post for tomorrow…

After today there are just three days left on my blog tour and at the end of the week I will be revealing the winners of my amazon voucher prize draw. There’s still time to enter so if you’ve not yet bought The Butterfly Storm and you do so before the end of Friday then let me know and I’ll add your name into the draw.

Blog Tour Stop #5 – Elaine Jeremiah

ButtStormBlogTourToday you’ll find me over on the ever so lovely Elaine Jeremiah’s blog. Elaine posed some questions about the writing process and journey to publication of The Butterfly Storm and you can read the interview here.

Elaine is a writer who has just about finished her first novel, The Inheritance, which she will hopefully be publishing at some point this year. She’s currently working on a new novel with the working title of Reunion, extracts of which can be read on WIPpet Wednesdays. I also interviewed Elaine back in April about The Inheritance and her writing and reading habits, so if you want to find out more have a quick read.

I have a long list of things to do and write this afternoon but I did take time out this morning to meet up with my very good friend and my goddaughter for lunch as they’re over from Singapore (escaping the awful smog for a few weeks) and so it was lovely to catch up. Blog posts, interview questions and writing beckons now.

Blog Tour Stop #4 – Laurey Buckland

ButtStormBlogTourIt’s Friday afternoon, sunny and nearly the weekend, what better way to celebrate than to head on over to the very welcoming Laurey Buckland who’s hosting me today as part of my blog tour. Laurey has a chick-lit novel out called A Girl’s Guide to Fairy Tales (it has fabulous reviews on amazon) and she’s also featured in The Sunlounger Anthology alongside around 30 other chick-lit writers and authors.

There’s still time to enter my prize giveaway. All you need to do is buy The Butterfly Storm between now and the 28th June and either email me the amazon receipt to kactus (at) kate-frost (dot) co (dot) uk or tweet that you’ve bought it when prompted by amazon and I’ll include you in the draw to win one of two £5/$5 amazon vouchers. Thanks so much to those of you that have bought it.

My blog tour is continuing after the weekend. On Monday my friend and fellow writer Elaine Jeremiah is interviewing me; Tuesday (that’s New Zealand time as it might actually be Monday in the UK…) I’m visiting the lovely Raewyn Hewitt; Wednesday I’m sharing an extract of The Butterfly Storm on Jade Reyner’s excellent blog; Thursday I have a guest post on British author, Estelle Wilkinson’s blog; and then on Friday I’m rounding off the week with an interview on Beach Bound Books.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Blog Tour Stop #3 – Maryann Miller

ButtStormBlogTourThis post is a little later than intended because I’ve been out this evening at the launch party for author Lucienne Boyce’s new book The Bristol Suffragettes. It was a lovely evening with a talk and reading by Lucienne, chats with Debbie Young, Helen Hart of SilverWood Books and of course my friend and fellow WIPpeteer, Elaine Jeremiah. I also met the very lovely Caz Greenham who thanks to my Twitter pic recognised me and introduced herself. Caz is the author of the children’s novel, The Adventures of Eric Seagull that was published earlier this year and the next one in the series is due out this summer. It’s always great to meet and chat in person to other authors and writers and this evening was no exception.

Today is the third stop on my blog tour for The Butterfly Storm and this time I’ve headed over to Texas with a guest post for author and blogger Maryann Miller on It’s Not All Gravy. Today’s post takes place on a hot sunny day in Greece with Sophie Keech and I having an interesting conversation at a seafood restaurant on Santorini… Enjoy!

Read ‘Kate Frost Meets Sophie Keech’ here.


Blog Tour Stop #2 – Alana Terry

ButtStormBlogTourI hope you’ll all join me today on a trip over to Alaska no less, for an interview that author, blogger and fellow WIPpeteer, Alana Terry has done with me. I’ve only known Alana for a few months since I joined in with WIPpet Wednesdays where each week writers post extracts of their work in progress. Alana is lovely and incredibly supportive and I have an idea that if we ever met in real life we’d get on very well.

Alana has written three books, A Boy Named Silas, which is about her tube fed son; a time travel children’s novel, What, No Sushi?; and The Beloved Daughter, a beautifully told and moving story about Chung-Cha, a young girl subjected to the horrors of a North Korean prison camp. I did an interview with Alana last month so if you’d like to find out more about her and her writing click here.

I had a really lovely surprise yesterday morning when I saw that The Butterfly Storm had been given its first 5* amazon review by Debbie Young, author, blogger and book promoter of Off the Shelf Book Promotions. To say the review made my day (and a miserable, rainy Monday at that) is an understatement. Not only that but it was followed by another 5* review yesterday evening and another one on amazon.com this morning!

You can find Alana’s interview with me here. Happy reading!

Blog Tour Stop #1 – Joanne Phillips

ButtStormBlogTourToday is the start of my blog tour to celebrate the publication of The Butterfly Storm. Wednesday’s launch day was fabulous and I spent from 8am until midnight (apart from stopping for an hour at lunchtime to take Frodo for a walk and eat and then again when Nik got home from work to have our dinner) on my laptop blogging, tweeting, facebooking and checking how many copies of the book had sold and its ranking on amazon like a million times. It was quite a day. So it’s lovely to think that today I’ll be a guest on someone else’s blog and that person is the very lovely and generous Joanne Phillips.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jo (and if not why not), she’s a very successful indie author with two bestselling books and a book of short stories to her name. Her debut novel, Can’t Live Without came out last year and has done extremely well and was swiftly followed this February by its stand-alone sequel, The Family Trap.

Jo very kindly invited me on to her blog and so I’m kicking off my blog tour today with a guest post, ‘Finding the Confidence to Write’. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare I’d love it if you’d pop over to Jo’s blog and have a read.

I’ll be running another amazon voucher giveaway throughout the blog tour. The tour runs from today until the 28th June, so if you’ve not yet got a copy of The Butterfly Storm and you’d like to then simply email me the amazon receipt to kactus (at) kate-frost (dot) co (dot) uk and I’ll add your name to the draw for one of two £5/$5 amazon vouchers.