With schools closed for the foreseeable future and the impact that the coronavirus is having on all of our lives, parents throughout the country (including myself) now find themselves having to juggle home working with home schooling/entertaining their children.

As I don’t have any school visits lined up anytime soon, I thought I’d share the create a story worksheet and story prompts I’ve used with Years 5 and 6 to get them writing their own stories. Based around my time travel adventure trilogy Time Shifters, the story visits periods in history that fit perfectly with the KS2 curriculum with topics including World War II, Elizabethan England and ancient Rome. The main thing though is to have fun, be creative, use your imagination (why not add a bit of time travel in!), and enjoy creating your own stories.

Time Shifters' School WorksheetUse this worksheet to outline and create your own story. Try and fill in as many boxes as you can before you start writing but don’t worry if your story diverges from your plot and takes you in an unexpected direction.

Initial things to think about:

– Decide if you’re writing the story from the first or third person point of view (why not write the first couple of paragraphs both ways and see which you prefer).

– Who’s telling the story?

– What’s your main character’s greatest threat/conflict?


  • DOWNLOAD the Time Shifters create your own story worksheet.

England story prompts

Use the words and images from the following prompt sheets to start writing your own historical-set story:

Choose a setting, decide on a character, and let your imagination go…

Need a bit of help to start you off? My Time Shifters story prompts worksheet allows you to decide what happens next…

Other story prompts