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It’s been a long-time dream of mine to take creative writing workshops into schools, to encourage, inspire and bring confidence to the next generation of readers and writers. I’m delighted to now be taking bookings for author visits in 2019 themed around my time travel adventure series, Time Shifters.

My workshops take away the fear of the blank page, and are fun and practical allowing children to develop their own ideas. Themed around time travel the focus is on history (and the future!) and the workshops can easily tie in with the curriculum or what a particular year group or class are currently studying.

“I liked imagining what it would be like in different eras because you could be creative.”

Year 6 pupil, Victoria Park Primary School, Bristol.

Aimed at 9-12 year old boys and girls, my children’s books feature some KS2 and KS3 historical time periods:

  • Roman Empire – ancient Rome and Roman Britain feature in Time Shifters: A Long Way From Home (Time Shifters Book 2)
  • Medieval Britain – Warwick Castle and the Wars of the Roses is the starting point of the adventure in Time Shifters: Into the Past (Time Shifters Book 1)
  • The Restoration period – 1666 and the Great Fire of London feature heavily in Time Shifters: Into the Past and will make an appearance once again (along with the Elizabethan period and William Shakespeare) in the final book of the trilogy, Time Shifters: Out of Time.
  • The Second World War – experience being in the middle of London in the Blitz in Time Shifters: Into the Past.

What Can I Offer?

One Hour Creative Writing Workshops (suitable for Years 5-7, ages 9-12)

These historical/time travel themed workshops focus on creative writing, freeing your imagination and banishing the fear of the blank page. Using extracts from Time Shifters as a springboard for pupils’ own creative writing, the sessions are lively and practical, encouraging children to be imaginative and supportive in sharing their ideas and writing.

Series of Hour Long Creative Writing Workshops (suitable for Years 5-7, ages 9-12)

For a more in-depth look at creative writing, these sessions can be booked as a series of workshops over a number of weeks or spread across terms. Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of writing:

  1. Ideas and getting started
  2. Creating characters
  3. Setting and a sense of place

This is not an exhaustive list, other sessions could include research, editing etc.

For an overview of who I am and what I can offer your school, find out more here.

“I invited Kate Frost to be Director of Children’s & Teen Events at the 5th Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival (HULF), knowing that not only has she written very enjoyable books for young readers herself, but that she is a strategically minded, methodical and creative businesswoman capable of organising and managing a complex programme of activities. Her pleasant, calm manner and strong listening and analytical skills enable her to deal effectively with people of all ages, including fellow authors, parents and children alike. I have no doubt that this year’s children’s programme was HULF’s best yet, thanks to her input, and I am delighted that she has agreed to remain in this role for HULF 2020. I highly recommend Kate Frost for events for children and teens in any setting, whether at a public festival, in schools, in libraries or in bookshops.”

Debbie Young, Director of the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival


For more information, to discuss my fees, your own ideas, or to make a booking, please contact me at kactus@kate-frost.co.uk

“I liked when we wrote our ideas for the past and future.”

“My favourite thing was when she asked us what our story would be about.”

“I liked it when we got to imagine where we would like to be in the future.”

Year 6 pupils, Victoria Park Primary School, Bristol.