Get Your Head Around This – WIPpet Wednesday

Words from page 29I managed to find the extract I’ve chosen for today in less than a minute – result! Recently it’s taken ages to find a suitable snippet that doesn’t give too much of the story away, and then of course there’s the time spent working out WIPpet maths, which always leaves me scratching my head… Today’s WIPpet maths is lovely and simple. One paragraph – to celebrate it being the last Wednesday of the first month of the year – from page 29 for the 29th January.

I briefly introduced a new character, Lucia, in a previous WIPpet and in this scene she’s with Maisie and Danny in ancient Rome. Maisie has just questioned why Lucia isn’t shocked by her and Danny turning up at her door (to explain anymore or who Lucia is will give way too much away I’m afraid). Here’s her answer.

Lucia laughed, a long throaty chuckle. “There’s very little that surprises me anymore. I’ve known you two and Lizzie since you were in your late teens and of course I recognise you even though you’re children. I always knew this was a possibility to meet you when you were much younger. So no, I’m not surprised, but I am concerned why you’re here and why Lizzie isn’t with you.”

That’s it for today. To join in simply post an extract of your current WIP that has some kind of connection to the date and add the link here. Thanks as always to K L Schwengel over on My Random Muse for hosting.

Dangerous Times – WIPpet Wednesday

Dangerous extractThe festivities are over, the decorations are packed away for another year and life is back to normal. For people who had the whole two weeks off over Christmas and New Year I can imagine that this first week back at work is pretty miserable, particularly considering the wet and windy weather that’s been battering most of the UK recently. I’ve always tended to have jobs that have meant I’ve had to work during the festive season and often on the main holiday days. Although I worked the weekends over the past two weeks, I did get to enjoy a work-free Christmas and New Year for the first time in eight years.

It actually feels quite good to be back to normal and not overindulging. I have renewed vigor to get writing, not least because with only a third of A Long Way From Home written I’m already finding it increasingly difficult to find an extract without too many spoilers for WIPpet Wednesday. With that in mind I’ve opted for just one paragraph from chapter eight for the 08/01/14. The trouble with a novel that involves time-travel is that unless you read it from the beginning it’s very difficult to make sense of it, however much you explain it. All I will say is this WIPpet is set in ancient Rome and involves another new character called Lucia who’s talking to Maisie and Danny.

With her dagger Lucia ripped the cloth covering the opening in the side of the coach. “You need to go somewhere unexpected, dangerous even, but a time where you’ve got somewhere safe you can hide or a friend that can help you.”

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