The Butterfly Storm is Half Price!

ButtStorm700x700CenteredSet in sunny Greece and on the beautiful North Norfolk coast in the UK, The Butterfly Storm has frequently been described as ‘perfect for holiday reading’, so I thought it was a good time to do a summer promotion. Until the end of this week – Friday 8th August – The Butterfly Storm is reduced to just 99c/99p and can be downloaded here:

What Readers Are Saying About The Butterfly Storm

“I Loved this read with a capital L.” ElaineG, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

“Beautifully written, carefully researched and expertly plotted – what more could you want from a book?” Joanne Phillips, author of Can’t Live Without 

“Beautifully precise in its descriptions, yet never dull, this is one book you will not be able to put down and will remember long after you’ve read the last words.” Elaine Jeremiah, author of The Inheritance

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Time Shifters Book Two! – WIPpet Wednesday

Holkham BeachHello everyone! It’s good to be back and joining in with WIPpet Wednesday again. Last week’s few days of relaxation didn’t quite go to plan. We set off for Norfolk in good time on Tuesday morning only to break down halfway. Whilst driving up a hill behind slow-moving traffic a warning light came on and I suddenly felt the power drain from the car until it was like driving uphill through treacle. Fortunately we were close to a lay-by and I managed to squeeze the car in behind a lorry where, with the stink of petrol filtering into the car, I switched the engine off and thought ‘oh bugger’. Actually, I thought a lot more than that but I won’t publish my actual thoughts on this blog.

We called the AA and waited an hour for a helpful AA man to turn up, attempt to switch on the engine and say the words you really don’t want to hear when Bryabel garden viewyou’re 100 miles from home and stuck in a lay-by between Buckingham and Milton Keynes: ‘That really doesn’t sound good at all.’ In fact it was far from good. The timing belt had completely gone and we were going no-where apart from back home to Bristol. It was at this point that I had a lot more thoughts along the lines of ‘oh bugger’. Annoyed doesn’t even come close to how I was feeling when we’d so been looking forward to a few peaceful days on the north Norfolk coast.

With Frodo happily asleep on the back seat of the car, Nik and I waited another three hours for the tow-truck to arrive to take us back to Bristol. At least we got to spend some quality time together… Despite everything we did manage to get to Norfolk with my Mum and Dad towards the end of the week and had a lovely and very relaxing few days going for a walk on beautiful Holkham Beach, picking blackberries, eating delicious food, and generally chilling out and de-stressing. As for my poor car the cost of repairing it was so much we’ve ended up part-exchanging it for a brand new one which I will hopefully be picking up by the end of the week.

BlackberriesSorting out buying the new car on Monday left me with some unexpected time on my hands when I ended up waiting for Nik to finish work so we could make the final decision on the car together. With nothing else to do I got a hot chocolate and tucked myself away in a corner of a Starbucks and started writing the beginning of Time Shifters book two. So for Wednesday 25th September here are approximately 25 first draft sentences which are not necessarily the start of the book but are likely to be within the first chapter. *Warning* The following extract will go some way to giving away the ending of book one.

“Ollie that’s not a nice thing to say,” Mum said, wiping her hands on her apron. “Whether you like Lizzie or not that has nothing to do with it; she’s gone missing and no-one deserves that. Her poor parents they must be worried sick. Imagine if it was Maisie and how distraught you’d be.”

I bit my lip and hugged Benji. I realised how easily it could be me. I was certain Lizzie had time shifted just like we had at Warwick Castle three months ago. I’d made sure I hadn’t gone anywhere there’d be a risk of time shifting since – no castles or National Trust places for me. Not that it was a problem living on a farm as we rarely went anywhere on the weekends anyway.

Ollie downed his glass of orange juice and flicked his fingers in front of me. “You’re daydreaming again.” He grabbed the lead from my hand and patted Benji on the head. “Come on then.”

“Does that mean I can go to Danny’s?” I asked.

Mum sighed. “Yes, but be back by seven.”

I kissed her on the cheek and she waved me away, turning back to her frying pan of mince and tipping in a tin of tomatoes.

Grabbing my mobile I ran back out of the door, texting Danny as I went.

Coming over to yours. Be 20mins. You heard about Lizzie?

I retrieved my bike from where it leaned against the woodshed and wheeled it across the yard towards the gate. Beep went my mobile.

No. Wots she done now?

Turn on the news. She’s gone missing. Think she’s time shifted.

Many thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting WIPpet Wednesday. To read the other WIPpets or add your own you can find the linky here. Enjoy.

If you weren’t aware my good friend and fellow WIPpeteer Elaine Jeremiah launched her debut novel The Inheritance just over a week ago. I interviewed her as part of her blog tour plus she wrote a fabulous guest post for my blog all about how she became a writer. The Inheritance is available from amazon.


Interested in Pinterest – Thursday’s Children

Thursday’s Children – A weekly blog hop where writers come together to talk about whatever inspires them.

I’ve been meaning to join Pinterest for a while now and I finally got round to doing so yesterday when I spent a happy hour or two setting up my account and browsing other people’s pins. I also managed to set up my own boards including one I’ve entitled ‘lovely stuff’ where I’ve pinned images that are inspirational, interesting or simply downright beautiful, and another board for The Butterfly Storm where I’ve pinned the cover of my novel and where I want to include images of places in Greece and Norfolk that feature in the novel.


A couple of months ago I interviewed my brother, Tom Frost, for my 5 Minutes With… feature. Tom’s an illustrator and print maker and when I asked him about what inspires him, the first thing he mentioned was Pinterest and I can now fully appreciate why. However, Pinterest should come with a health warning: you will lose hours of your life gazing at images of libraries and books or drooling over white sand beaches and colourful autumn scenes. But when writer’s block strikes Pinterest might just be a saviour in getting those creative juices bubbling again, whether that means looking at images of great book covers, travel destinations or cute cats. It’s definitely worth a try don’t you think?

I figured what better way to find inspiration for my new WIP, The House of Stone than by making a board featuring images of Tanzania and Zanzibar where the novel will be set. At the moment I’m still at the planning stage, jotting down plot ideas, getting to grips with the characters and figuring out exactly where in Tanzania and on Zanzibar the action will take place. When I actually start writing it though I think I’ll head over to Pinterest and take a look at my board and be inspired by the peeling blue paint of an old door in Stone Town or soak up the quiet beauty of a dhow bobbing up and down on the turquoise ocean.

Are you on Pinterest? If not is it something that interests you?

Inspire and be inspired by clicking on this linky and joining in with the Thursday’s Children blog hop. Big thanks go to hosts Rhiann Wynn-Nolet and Kristina Perez.

First Hint of Autumn – WIPpet Wednesday

Place plays an important part in The Butterfly Storm. Although the novel is completely fictional, the time I’ve spent in Greece has greatly influenced the story. Another major setting is the UK’s north Norfolk coast, again a place I know well from many holidays and visits to my grandparents who lived there. For today’s WIPpet I’ve chosen another descriptive passage, mainly because any dialogue reveals too much of the story. These 15 lines from chapter 15  take place when Sophie is back from Greece staying in Norfolk at her Mum’s house. (Marcy is one of the barmaids at the local pub.)


After a cup of freshly brewed coffee, I take Marcy’s advice and walk up the road to Blakeney. It’s as if the place has come alive overnight. Cars rush past me filled with families off on Saturday morning outings. The hill I can see from the cottage is deceptive. It’s not steep but it steadily keeps on going up, winding round the corner beneath the shade of a wood before finally levelling off next to the church. I cross a main road and find myself on a narrow lane packed with people heading down to the patch of blue between the houses. It’s the same here as in Greece with the last holidaymakers clinging to the remains of summer. Children pass by in shorts and sandals clutching fishing nets and buckets. Despite the peppering of clouds and the cool breeze, people are still dressed for mid-August. In Greece, the first hint of autumn sends the locals reaching for their winter clothes. I understand the need in Britain to hang onto every second of sunshine. I have so many memories of camping holidays with Mum. The sound of rain drumming on a window always reminds me of being huddled inside our tent.

I reach the end of the street and it opens on to a harbour filled with boats bobbing up and down on the channel of water. The marshes stretch so far out I can’t even see the sea. The taste of salt is strong and seagulls squawk overhead.

If you’ve got a work in progress you’d like to share and you enjoy reading what other writers are working on then simply write a post using a section of your WIP that relates in some way to the day (15 words, lines or paragraphs from chapter 15 or even 10 lines from chapter 5). Add your link to the little blue linky over on K L Schwengel’s excellent blog and read the other diverse offerings from the WIPpeteers.