Famous for Being a Missing Person – WIPpet Wednesday

Facebook imageI know, I know – in last week’s WIPpet I said the extract I posted would be the last one from Time Shifters but I have nothing else to share this week and so my trusty children’s novel is seeing the light of day again. It’s not yet gone out to beta readers so I guess it can still be classed as a work in progress (just).

This week I give you a neat 11 lines from chapter 11 for the 11th September. All I really need to tell you to set this scene up is it’s 1471 and Maisie and Lizzie have found a room for the night in an inn.

“I wonder what’s happening back home?” Lizzie said. “Do you reckon the police are out looking for us?”

I sat on the bed next to her. “I guess so. We’ve been gone for four days.”

“Maybe there’ll be a facebook page dedicated to us?”

“Are you worried you’re missing out on your fifteen minutes of fame?”

“I don’t want to be famous for being a missing person.”

“But you want to be famous?”

“Don’t you?”

“Not really, no.”

So there you have it, the final installment of Time Shifters until it’s published – unless you’ve kindly offered to beta read it of course.

I will have to miss WIPpet Wednesday next week as I’m going away for a few blissful days in Norfolk with my husband and our dog, Frodo. Five days of fresh sea air, good food and no internet – I can’t wait. However, if you stop by my blog on Saturday then Elaine Jeremiah will be kicking off her blog tour for The Inheritance with a guest post. Plus if you have time tomorrow then Joanne Phillips has got lots lined up on her blog including giveaways to celebrate the launch of her cosy mystery, Murder at the Maples.

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Book Blurb for Time Shifters – WIPpet Wednesday

DSC00667Choosing an extract that corresponded with today’s date and didn’t give too much of the plot away was proving to be difficult so I thought I’d share my first stab at the blurb for Time Shifters instead. Part of it I’d written a few months ago, some of it I wrote this morning so I’d be very interested to know what you think. I’ve had to be ingenious with WIPpet maths to make this work for the 28th August. The blurb is exactly 101 words… 2 + 8 = 10 (101 = 10 + 1 for luck). And I was never any good at maths when I was at school…


When Maisie Brown is time shifted to 1471 during a school trip to Warwick Castle, it’s the beginning of an adventure bigger than she could ever have dreamed of. The only problem is she has to share it with Lizzie Andrews, the class bully, instead of her best friend Danny Romano, who is caught up amongst the Earl of Warwick’s army marching to battle…

Will Maisie and Lizzie find Danny before it’s too late? Will they manage to get home without being time shifted again? And just who are the mysterious hooded riders who seem so intent on hunting them down?

Comments about what works, what doesn’t, whether the premise hooks you or if it would make you want to buy the book for yourself, your kids, niece, nephew or Godchildren will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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The Year Ahead

I ordered a 2013 writer’s diary from Mslexia yesterday. My husband has bought me the Mslexia diary every Christmas for the last few years but this year I didn’t want to wait another seven weeks until Christmas Day to get my hands on it and start making plans. The diary is invaluable for writers (or anyone creative for that matter). It has loads of blank pages for scribbling down ideas, a section for keeping track of your submissions, plus plenty of informative and inspiring pages detailing writing competitions, literary festivals and book suggestions. As you can probably tell, it’s the best diary I have ever had.

Ordering the diary late yesterday evening got me thinking about what kind of year 2013 will be writing-wise for me. I’m anticipating that it will be a good year. To begin with I’m going to self-publish my novel, The Butterfly Storm, so that in itself will be a very positive start. I had hoped to publish it before the end of 2012 but life and other writing work has got in the way and delayed things. I also want to do it justice and feel there’s no point in rushing it.

So, with The Butterfly Storm published at the beginning of the year I want to then focus on my second novel, Time Shifters, a time travel adventure story for children. It’s already written and edited, I just need to decide what to do with it – whether to send it out to agents or consider self-publishing it too.

As well as all the promoting and marketing that will be involved following the release of The Butterfly Storm, there’s also other writing work to concentrate on – work that’s actually guaranteed to earn me money such as writing articles, blog posts and online content for easyJet holidays and lowcostholidays.com. Ideally by this time next year (if not before) I would love to be working as a writer full time. Only time and a lot of hard work will tell.

What are your plans, writing or otherwise, for 2013?

Why I Write

There’s not a time I remember when I haven’t loved writing. I love everything about it, forming characters, creating imaginary worlds, telling a good story, writing about things I’ve experienced and those I haven’t. I even love the actual physical experience of putting pen to paper and writing the old fashioned way.

My clearest early childhood memory was when I was seven and went into hospital for open-heart surgery to fix a hole in my heart. It’s not a traumatic memory, far from it, I thought it was a big adventure being away from home in a small ward with a couple of other kids, albeit very poorly kids. Even when I waved goodbye to my mum and dad before the lift doors closed and I was taken down to theatre, I never felt scared. Waking up hours later in intensive care with tubes poking out of me and machines beeping was disorientating but even then I was thankfully too young to take on board the enormity of what I’d been through and have the fears and anxieties that I’d have had as an adult.

After being discharged I had home tuition for a few months until I was well enough to return to school and that’s when I started writing stories. The experience directly relates to why I’m a writer. I’ll never know if I’d have become a writer if I hadn’t needed that operation. All I know is that time in hospital is one of my most vivid memories not just from childhood but from the whole of my life and 27 years on I can still recall the tiniest of details and remember how I felt. An experience like that has got to have shaped my life in some way and I know the time I spent at home afterwards being tutored on my own inspired me to write.

The first novel I wrote was called London’s Burning and was about a couple of friends who ended up going back in time to the Great Fire of London, although I did get muddled up with my history thinking the fire took place in Tudor times instead of 1666 when King Charles II was on the throne. Regardless of the inaccuracies I’m sure the idea of it inspired my children’s novel, Time Shifters, a time travel adventure story that I’ve just finished editing.

I spent a lot of time lost in my imagination when I was growing up. Until I discovered drama at senior school I was quite shy and I think I found it easier escaping into a made-up world. A lot of what I wrote when I was young was set in the past and involved time travel, so perhaps that was another way of avoiding dealing with the real world. Despite being relatively quiet I did start writing short plays around the age of 11 about a horse mad girl called Jessie Jump, which I performed with a younger friend to an audience of my mum, her mum and our long suffering brothers.

So, I’m a writer and have been since I was seven. This blog is going to be all about my writing life, the ups and downs, ideas and influences, inspirations and thoughts, and my hopes and achievements. I hope you will join me.