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Frodo on blanketI’m back! I missed writing my WIPpet post last week although I did manage to read some of the other WIPpeteers’ work. I really need to start writing The House of Stone as I’m on the verge of giving too much of the plot away with my Time Shifters snippets. Last week was all about The Butterfly Storm and this week my focus is going to be firmly on finishing editing Time Shifters. The Butterfly Storm is still doing really well post-promo and is hanging in the top 300 on the UK amazon kindle chart and is still in the top 10 of the literary fiction and women’s literary fiction categories.

But back to Time Shifters and today’s WIPpet which is 8 paragraphs from chapter 21 for the 21/08/13. You might remember from a few weeks back the scene when Maisie, Danny and Lizzie get a lift into London on the back of a cart. It’s 1666 and the Great Fire of London is raging. Despite their best laid plans to get out of London and across the Thames as soon as they can, they end up helping to save a wealthy woman’s belongings from her house, which just so happens to be in the path of the fire. In this extract the woman has asked Maisie to save her beloved dog, Charlie.

I followed Lizzie and Danny into the house. After the brightness of the day, it was gloomy and stuffy inside. Danny headed straight for the large chest against the entrance hall wall.

“Grab the other end, Maisie,” he said.

“I have to find her dog. Lizzie, help Danny.” I clattered up the stairs and didn’t give them a chance to argue.

The first floor landing was a little brighter with smoky daylight streaming through a window over looking the street. Apart from one door that opened on to a large panelled room with a writing desk in front of the window, all the other doors off the landing were closed. I began to climb the stairs to the top floor when I heard a bark.

“Charlie?” I ran to the top landing and pushed open the doors of each bedroom until I saw the most gorgeous King Charles spaniel, barking his head off in the middle of a four poster bed hung with gold drapes. He saw me and abruptly stopped barking and let out a whine.

“Hey Charlie, what are you doing up here on your own?” His tail wagged and he waddled over to the edge of the bed. He was a white and tan colour and so soft with huge floppy ears and big brown eyes. I scooped him into my arms and his wagging tail flicked back and forwards into my face. “Come on, let’s get out of here before the whole place burns down.”

I was about to walk out of the door when a thud on the floorboards behind me made me stop.

“Maisie, wait!”

That’s your lot for today and that might have to be it for Time Shifters too unless I can find something suitable to post next week. Otherwise I might just have to write something new….

If you fancy joining in simply post an extract of your work in progress that relates in some way to the day or if you’re feeling brave post a new beginning of a whole new WIP. WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by the lovely K L Schwengel over on My Random Muse. To read the other WIPpets or add your own just click on the little blue linky.

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  1. Great excerpt as always Kate and so exciting. The ending is ominous – will Maisie and her friends make it out of the house I wonder?

  2. okay so I saw the puppy picture and I was only going to comment on that and then you gave me a puppy in the story! PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay, I’m done now. I’m really wondering why the dog was in that room and on the bed. Was the floor too hot? hmm….good ending for an excerpt too!

    • Ah yes, the puppy picture, I thought that might get people’s attention! The pic is actually of my dog, Frodo, who’s 2 years-old now and not so much of a puppy any longer but still just as cute.

  3. Love how you added a dog into the mix! They somehow just seem so in place in kids lit. I’m excited to read this to my boys! :)

    • Most kids love dogs so it seemed appropriate somehow – plus the dog was a good excuse to get Maisie into that room on her own (but I of course can’t tell you the reason why!) I love the thought of you reading Time Shifters to your boys! :-)

  4. Always pay attention to the dog if there happens to be one around, that’s what I say! What a cute pooch picture as well. Nice excerpt.

  5. Aww, puppyyy! My in-laws have a Cavalier King Charles- almost the same thing. He looks like a plush toy. :)

    Brave kids, rushing in to help.

    • They do look like plush toys with their long ears and fluffy coats. And the kids aren’t given much choice in the matter and end up having to help out.

  6. Odd thoughts here…

    1) couldn’t she hear Charlie barking in the hallway?

    2) King Charles Spaniel… I had to look that up, because, though I thought I knew a fair amount about dogs, I’ve never heard of that toy variant of the breed. (I know a lot about huskies and malamutes though…). Does Maisie know a lot about dogs?

    3) What made the kids help this woman? So curious!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Eden. And in answer to your questions:

      !) Charlie wasn’t barking until he heard Maisie on the stairs.
      2) King Charles Spaniels are nowadays rarer than Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (which is what I’ve got – the dog in the picture) but they are what all Cavaliers stem from and are smaller than Cavaliers with flatter noses. King Charles II was renowned for having King Charles Spaniels, which is why I got the idea for having a dog in this scene as a device for getting Maisie into that top bedroom in the first place. Maisie lives on a farm, loves dogs and has a dog of her own and yes, she’d know what type of dog Charlie was.
      3) The kids were pretty much made to help this woman by the old man who had given them a ‘free ride’ into London on his cart. Maisie and Danny were quite willing to help out when they saw the predicament the woman was in, Lizzie not so much but she had no choice!

      I like your questions! Makes me think through things and ensures there are no plot holes in the scene. :-)

      • Glad I was able to help… and extra fun, I learned something (the Wikipedia entry pretty much told me what you did when I first read this piece… all I needed to know was the character relationship to the dogs)

        Nice to see the opposing interactions of the characters too.

  7. :-) I sure do like this book so far. :-) When did you say it’d be out, again? 😉

  8. Kaaaaate, you always leave us hanging! 😛 But a King Charles Spaniel does kind of make up for it. Great excerpt, I love the tension. I also can’t wait to read this book in full when it’s ready!

    • Sorry, to not leave you hanging would have been a massive plot spoiler! So pleased that you’re looking forward to reading the whole book. :-)

  9. Very exciting! Love the little puppy. :-)

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