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front coverAlana Terry is currently on a very special blog tour and I’m honoured to be hosting her today. Having published The Beloved Daughter earlier in the year Alana has now released it as an audiobook. The Beloved Daughter audiobook is pretty special too as it’s a version of Alana’s bestselling debut novel narrated by Kathy Garver, a four-time Audie award winner and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from the Motion Picture Council. For those of you who know the TV show Family Affair then you may recognise Kathy as Cissy from the programme.

The Beloved Daughter has an impressive 80 four and five star reviews and has been an amazon bestseller. The book has also been a winner in the Women of Faith Writing Contest and achieved 1st place on the Book Club Network Book of the Month. I read The Beloved Daughter not long after it was first published and reviewed it on amazon:

For 12 year-old Chung-Cha it’s her father’s Christian faith that rips her family apart when, in the middle of the night, her family are taken from their home and are subjected to humiliation and torture in a North Korean prison camp. And so begins an epic journey for Chung-Cha with the novel being surprising, uplifting and at times so very sad.

The Beloved Daughter has the feel of being set in a time long past and it’s shocking to realise that this is a story about modern day North Koreans. The author gives just enough details of the harsh and horrifying conditions that Chung-Cha and the other prisoners are subjected to in Camp 22 without being shocking for the sake of it. That’s a difficult thing to get right and Terry manages it superbly.

The Beloved Daughter is in turn heartbreaking and moving. It’s an important story about faith, love, hope, courage and survival. Terry writes in an engaging way and beautifully depicts the character of Chung-Cha and the journey she travels throughout the book. I highly recommend it.

Alana Terry


Alana Terry audiobook tourThere are plenty of ways to celebrate the release of the audiobook including the opportunity to win loads of prizes during the tour. For your chance to win enter the Rafflecoptor giveaway below. And if you want to join in with the party on Alana’s facebook page or get your own copy of The Beloved Daughter in paperback, on Kindle or as an audio book then simply follow these links:





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The Beloved Daughter Audiobook Blog Tour

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