In Trouble Yet Again – WIPpet Wednesday

venice3It’s good to be back and joining in with WIPpet Wednesday again – I’ve missed you guys! November was spent working on Time Shifters – A Long Way From Home and I have to say after months and months spent editing, first The Butterfly Storm and then Time Shifters, it was so good to actually start writing again. Getting approximately 20,000 words written during NaNo also means that I have a whole new WIP that I can post extracts from. It’s rough, and I mean really rough, but that’s what WIPpet Wednesday is all about isn’t it? Sharing our work in progress in all its first-drafty glory.

So, for the 4th December I’m giving you 12 sentences from chapter 4 of Time Shifters – A Long Way From Home. This extract features Maisie and Danny who have – unsurprisingly – managed to get themselves into a bit of trouble in ancient Rome.

We tumbled inside, practically pushing the woman out of the way, and shut the heavy door firmly behind us. A great wooden bar fell into place and it was only seconds later that the weight of the two men landed against the door. It didn’t budge. We took a step back and turned to the woman.

She had a tanned face and looked Italian with dark golden hair braided on top of her head. She wore a floating cream dress that had an embroidered band above the waist. She stared at us with wide brown eyes.

“Hello Maisie. Hello Danny,” she said.

I frowned. “You know our names?”

“You speak English.” Danny took another step into the villa.

So there you have it. The WIPpeteers are a friendly bunch and if you fancy joining in simply post an extract of your WIP that relates in some way to the date and add your link here. WIPpet Wednesday is also a fabulous way of making writing friends from all round the world. Elaine and I were lucky enough to meet fellow WIPpeteer, Emily, during her recent visit to the UK. After spending time in London and Cardiff Emily was in Bath for a few days so we met one chilly evening in a cafe and had a lovely chat for a couple of hours before she headed off to Paris.

Many thanks as always to K L Schwengel for hosting WIPpet Wednesday.

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  1. The last line of dialogue made me laugh. :-) I always think of this whenever someone speaks English in a non-English speaking land. Glad everyone is safe . . . for now.

    • I also needed a way around Maisie and Danny being able to have a conversation with someone when everyone speaks Latin in Roman times. As for how and why the woman speaks English I may or may not reveal that in a future WIPpet… 😉

  2. Ooh I like! How intriguing. And exciting. Looking forward to reading more soon.x

  3. Knows their names and speaks their language? Something is up. And welcome back. We missed you, too. Who is this again? ;p *snork*

  4. Yay, more Time Shifters! And oooh! That is intriguing! Is this another Time Shifter who has made their home somewhere in the past?

  5. oooo, fun. This is going to be exciting after reading the original!

  6. So cool that you and Elaine got to meet with Emily while she was in England. YES! (I love hearing stories like that.)

    That chance meeting doesn’t sound even a tenth as ominous as the one that Danny and Maisie seem to be having.

  7. haha Danny’s question is so the question I would be thinking, but Maisie’s question is the one I would ask. Either that or “Who the hell are you?”

    I love the description of the woman–it really adds to the piece and makes it feel like they’re in ancient Rome. I would love to go there. Maisie should take me with her next time.

    • Thanks Adrian, glad you got the sense of it being ancient Rome. I’m sure Maisie would love to take you with her – the more company the better! 😉

  8. *sputter* She knows their names AND she speaks 21st Century English!?! Oh, Maisie and Danny, what have you gotten yourselves into now?

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