Blogger Award and My Last WIPpet Wednesday (for a While)

sisterhood-of-world-blogger-awardIt’s true, this is going to be my last WIPpet Wednesday, in fact my last blog post for a while. How long a while is all depends on when our baby decides to arrive and when I’m next awake enough/have any time (you get the idea) to even think about blogging. Apart from taking the time to relax over these next couple of weeks I also want to concentrate on writing A Long Way From Home while I have the chance. It has stalled at around a third of the way in and I’d like to get a good chunk written before our baby arrives. A little scare over the weekend when I was admitted to hospital for 24 hours to be monitored made me realise how soon our little baby could actually make an appearance. All is fine and baby’s heart was monitored and he/she was moving around like a crazy thing so I was discharged on Monday. Feet up, laptop and writing – that’s my plan.

I’ve also been meaning to do a post about a blogger award I received way back in November from my friend and fellow author, Jade Reyner, who’s not only a prolific blogger but about to launch her second novel in the coming weeks. She nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! and so I thought it was about time that I officially thanked her and passed the award on. As blogger awards go this is a simple one:


  1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
  2. Answer 10 questions.
  3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
  4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.
  5. Include the award logo within your blog post.


  1. Your favourite colour? – Blue
  2. Your favourite animal? – Dog, specifically our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  3. Your favourite non-alcoholic drink? – Rhubarb & Custard drink from M&S that tastes just like the sweets I had when I was a kid.
  4. Facebook or Twitter? – Twitter, although I’m getting in to Facebook more now.
  5. Your favourite pattern? – Stripes
  6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? – Giving, particularly when you know you’ve got something that person will really love.
  7. Your favourite number? – 2 and 7
  8. Your favourite day of the week? – Sunday
  9. Your favourite flower? – Colourful, sweet smelling ones!
  10. What is your passion? – Writing stories of course.

There’s absolutely no pressure to take part but I’d like to pass the award on to all my fellow WIPpeteers as I love reading your novel extracts each week and receiving your comments on mine. You’re a great and supportive bunch, so thank you.

Now, for my WIPpet. What to give you today… hum, it’s really getting tricky now without having written any new stuff recently. I think, because it’s my last WIPpet for a while, I will give you five paragraphs for the 5th February 2014 from the last chapter I’ve written, which just so happens to be chapter 14. For those of you who didn’t beta read book one this extract will probably be quite confusing. All I will say is by this point in the book Lizzie has been found and she’s with Maisie in a house in 1940s London with a future version of Danny. Oh, and to be really mean I’ve cut the last paragraph short because it gives away a huge plot spoiler.

“What are we not going to like?” I asked.

“My suggestion of what I think you should do.” Future Danny looked directly at me.

I pointed to the top of my chest. “What I should do?”

“Why Maisie?” Lizzie asked, folding her arms and huffing.

“Because,” future Danny said. “Maisie is the only one of us that can time-shift to…”

Make of that what you will! We’re a very welcoming bunch headed up by the fabulous KL Schwengel, so if you fancy joining in with WIPpet Wednesday simply choose an extract from your WIP that corresponds with the date (creativity is encouraged) and add your link here over on My Random Muse. Take the time to read the other WIPpet offerings too – we’re a diverse bunch.

I don’t know when I’ll be blogging again, but I will be back, that’s a promise. Until then happy writing and reading everyone!

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  1. Best of luck with the writing and with welcoming your new one into the world. Looking forward to your return! :-)

  2. Best of luck in the coming month!! It’s going to be a very exciting time :) However, I can’t say I’m too pleased that this is what you leave us with. Time shift to where?!?!? 😉 Great build up of suspense through the banter.

    • Thanks Krista, it’s incredibly exciting! Sorry to be so mean with the WIPpet but it would have been a huge spoiler from the middle of book two… 😉

  3. Oh…that was a very wicked way to leave us hanging! For shame. Actually, *wipes tear off cheek* I’m quite proud of you. *sniff* Evil authors are my favorite. 😉

    We will miss you terribly. Glad the wee one is fine, and all is good. Best of luck.

    • Ooh, I like the idea of being an evil author! I will miss you all too but I’m determined to get some more novel written so I have something to actually share on Wednesdays. :-)

  4. Gah! You are cruel and heartless! (Ok, not really, but you left us hanging.) Wishing you well as you wait for baby. I remember how those last few weeks/days/hours seemed to alternate between dragging and flying by. And hoping you get the rest you need, too.

    • Cruel and heartless, that’s me! I thought it only appropriate to leave a cliffhanger of an ending.

      Thanks for your good wishes. I’m hoping the time will fly by as I can’t wait to meet our little one! :-)

  5. Kate, we’ll be thinking of you. I hope you’ll at least let us know how you and the baby are doing. But I can totally understand. You’ll have your hands full!

  6. Also, congrats on your blog award.

  7. Oh you meany, cutting out a bit! Never mind, I’ll get to read it properly someday. We’ll miss your contributions to WIPpet Wednesday and we’ll look forward to your return. But I’m luckier than most as I’ll get to meet the new arrival at some point!! (If you’ll permit me! 😉 )

  8. Could she timeshift to a place when baby is born safely and is sleeping through the night and book 2 is published? I’ll miss you and your amazing WIPpets, but you’re heading into an amazing time of your life – enjoy! All the best – will look forward to hearing from you when you have time!

    • That would be amazing wouldn’t to time shift to then! Although I guess it would be a shame to miss out on all the excitement of the actual birth! Thanks so much Raewyn, these next few weeks are going to be amazing and the next time I blog it will be with some lovely news. :-)

  9. Congrats on the impending arrival! I had a weekend filled with grandbabies – wow! Such a flurry of activity!

    Nice excerpt – it portends things to come. Sort of like … a baby? :-)

    We’ll miss you on the WIPpet front. The next time we see you, you will undoubtedly have accomplished a lot!

    • Thanks Xina. Your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun. My mum is so excited about becoming a grandma again (I have a gorgeous 2 year-old nephew). I will miss WIPpeting too but I really want to concentrate on continuing to write the novel and then of course there’s the small matter of little baby to bring into the world! I can’t wait! :-)

  10. You’re right, if I haven’t read book one (it’s in my library) that excerpt made little sense. But what DOES make sense is taking it easy and doing some relaxing and hopefully some writing before your little one arrives. I am glad that your scare didn’t push into labor, and the baby has a bit more time to ‘cook in the oven’ as I’ve heard a few people say. I’m glad I came back just in time to catch your last post and give you a future congrats when the baby arrives!

  11. Glad to hear both you and Little Frost are both well, Kate. Rhubarb & Custard? Hmm, that’s a new one to me, but I’d be certainly interested in trying it. It sounds interesting.

    I have my suspicions of Maisie’s “only place/time”… She does seem to have a strong ability to send the three of them spinning willi-nilly.

    We’re going to miss you, Kate. Don’t be a stranger.

    • Thanks Eden. I certainly won’t disappear completely just going to take some time out from blogging to concentrate on Little Frost (or Pumpkin as we’ve been calling him/her). :-)

  12. Wishing you all the best for the birth and the baby, Kate! I can understand completely that you want to take a break for a bit before all h– … uh, wait a minute ,,. before you become a busy mommy! *g* But do let us know how things go, yes? We’ll be thinking of you!

    I haven’t read the first book, but the snippet made sense to me because of all the other snippets I’ve read. Great cliffhanger! :)

    • Ha ha! Yes, before all h-… before I get too busy with our little one! Thanks for the best wishes and I will certainly let you all know how things go as soon as I get the chance. I’m glad I ended on a cliffhanger! :-)

  13. I think you are absolutely entitled to leave us on a cliffhanger. For sure, it’s nothing to the one you’re living right now.

    The excerpt is –

    Sooo sorry. I shouldn’t do things like that to people who are making people! *g*

    I’m intrigued by all this whizzing around your characters are doing. Seems like every time I stop by, they’re off somewhere new! It makes me a bit dizzy and timesick, honestly!

    I’m willing to wait to see where Maisie is taking them…

    For you, I wish happy nesting, plenty of rest and writing, an easy labor, a healthy baby, hours spent learning a brand new face, smelling a brand-new head, and enjoying that tiny body that melts into yours – that part goes so fast…

    All the very best to you and yours, Kate! <3

    • That was only fair to leave me with a cliffhanger of your thoughts! I’m glad all the whizzing around has intrigued you, although hopefully anyone reading the book from start to finish will feel less dizzy and timesick. 😉

      Thanks so much for the best wishes. I absolutely cannot wait to meet our little one, find out if we have a son or daughter and have that first cuddle! Amazing!

  14. Random fact: Future Danny and Prince Felipe are played by the same actor in my head. 😀

    Very intriguing excerpt! Why can only Maisie get there? Ahh, questions!

    Best of luck with everything over the next few months! I hope it all goes smoothly for you and I look forward to hearing about everything later! 😀

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