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Beneath the Apple Blossom, the first in The Hopeful Years series is available in paperback and as an ebook. Described by Kerrie on her book blog, Comfy Reading, as ‘incredibly powerful’, it is a ‘story of perseverance, hope, and finding strength in the heart of darkness and disappointment.’

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Kate Frost has written such a good and emotive story showing how each of these women appears to want what the others have. No one is happy in their lives and things have not worked out how each woman had envisaged. It’s almost as though each of the women has been born into the wrong life and this is cruel and ironic. But, real life is like that and that’s why I loved this book so much. The book moves along and a good pace and the writing is superb. Each of the characters is interesting, complex and although at times the reader may not agree with their actions, we become very emotionally invested in the outcomes for each. A great book and right up there on my highly recommended list!” – writer, blogger and book promoter, JB Johnston.

Available now from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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